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CragFace Howgill and Trollers Gill
Dedicated to Julie Todd

  Distance: 6.2 miles


About 4 hours


600 ft. 180 metres


Fairly Easy


Riverside, a villiage with pubs, and the famous Gill. Barguest extra.


Start at SE 064592 Parking at Howgill is limited to just two or three cars


O.S. Explorer OL2 and Landranger 99

Bus Service:

Pride of the Dales buses run every two hours or so on Mondays to Saturdays from Ilkley to Grassington via Appletreewick. See for details.

This is a grand stroll with a spooky Gorge halfway along, and lots to see. If you intend to tackle the Gill wear appropriate footwear. There is a riverside walk, lots of wildlife, flowers, and tranquillity. You can spend the whole day taking in the beauty of this one, particularly if you wander the length of the gorge itself. Make sure you start early to get parked, otherwise you may find you have to go further afield, and possibly start from Appletreewick.

This walk was Complied by Cragface.
All Words, Photography, etc. are by the man himself.



Driving North East on the Barden to Appletreewick Road, is a cinder track over on the right for Howgill Lodge, (Bed Breakfast Caravans and Camping site). If you take this, you will find a parking area on the right by a double wooden gate.

There is just enough room for about three cars at a push. Please don't block the field entry.
Start at the cross of tracks, near an information board. Going downhill along a gravel path (see picture) away from the parking area, passing the farmhouse on your left.


At the road turn right and walk over the bridge, then turn left immediately after it, following the footpath signposted to Appletreewick one mile and Burnsall two miles.

In April and May, wild garlic and bluebells abound here. Keep the river to your left, and go through a large wooden gate with a one stepped wood stile to its right, and follow the track. Pass a wooden signpost to your right, and an inscribed stone. Go though a wooden kissing gate, (see picture) and continue the trail for about a mile along this beautiful stretch of river.


Take time out to admire the view. There are plenty of trees for shade. Go through a gap in the wall, with a small wooden gate on top. The area is boggy here and sets of planks have been thoughtfully placed for you to go over, (see picture) and so avoiding soggy socks and footwear.

Go through a small swing gate on a chain, and a further pair of planks. Continue uphill a little way through a wood kissing gate, and fifty yards after that, another gate. You have done your first mile. Next pass through a wooden gate, then down some wood-edged steps to a large wooden kissing gate. Once through this, turn slightly right, and continue the path with the river still on your left.


Continue all the way until you reach the wood fingerpost for Burnsall and Howgill. (see picture) The Appletreewick finger of this post had fallen off, and not been replaced when I passed, but here turn right and go through a single swing gate, and keep the campsite over to the left heading towards the highway.

At the path end, climb the two wooden steps on the left of a six bar gate and turn right at SE 047602. Enter Appletreewick, with its stocks and two may wish to refresh yourself or just take stock?

The Craven Arms has unusual decor invading the Gents! Looks like a bad rash!


Pass the church, St John the Baptist, on your left, and enter the cobbled courtyard just past it. Take the direction of the wood fingerpost for New Road, and Dibbles Bridge at SE 054601.

Pass a second fingerpost (see picture) on your right, taking the path forward to Dibbles Bridge. Pass a tall stone milepost on your left at the top of the lane, and go through the double six bar gate.


At this point the next half mile is ill defined, but stay on the path and aim forward, passing through an ungated hole in the wall. Now head towards a lone hawthorn tree over to the left near a wall. (see picture)

To the left of tree, is a fingerpost with a stone stepped stile and a small wooden gate at its top. Go on through this and turn 30 degrees right, heading for a wood sign post on the other side of the field, and cross over (on your left), via a five stepped stone stile, topped by a small wooden gate.


Turn sharp right, keeping the wall on your right, towards a broken wall and a stone stepped stile...go over this. Take a sharp left, and head uphill, but succumb to the beautiful view behind you.

Travel towards a five stepped stile topped by a small wood gate, (see picture) and take the footpath to the left.

At the end of the field, and corner of the dry stone wall, you will meet a track. (Hello track :) Turn right along this, following it all the way to New Road. SE 063620


Turn left on the road, and about fifty yards after it veers to the right, there is a signpost (Skyreholme 1 mile), and a three stepped stone stile topped by a swing wood fence. (see picture)

Go over this at SE 063622 and follow the path downhill all the way. Another small track joins you from the left as you continue your descent, follow the Skyreholme route.



On reaching the level have the option to turn left (only a short detour) and go into Trollers Gill. This is a deep limestone gorge, rarely filled by water. Stout boots are needed here, and the agility of a mountain goat. (Two out of three?)

Otherwise, we carry on, to your right; over the two planked step through wood stile to your right, (see picture) at SE 067617

...then follow the high path with the meandering beck on your left.


Go over the next, three stepped ladder stile; (see picture) left of a double wooden six bar gate.

Meeting the beck at one point, you pass a barn on your right. Go over a wooden gate with a step through stile and wooden gate to it's right. On into the next field, through a wooden six bar double gate. Going through this turn right on the lane. (The Parceval Hall access road is to the left.)

On reaching a junction turn right, going past the road and red telephone box at SE 068608 and head for Skyreholme.


Follow the wood post and wood plaque indicating Howgill Lane. (see picture)

You have to traverse a wooden footbridge into a field then turn right. (signposted, Howgill/Simonseat). Pass some ruins on your left. Keep the wall with the stream behind it on your right.

You will see a caravan site looming in front of you...pass this, and go through a gap in the wall, then veer off to the left, towards a wooden ladder stile half way up the hill. Now head for the top left hand side of the field, and go through a gap in the wall.


Walk with the wall on your left along a faint pathway, to the top left corner of the field, and through a large wooden gate. You now have a dry stone wall on your right hand side, and should be heading towards the second caravan site (Howgill Lodge) down on your right.

At a track, turn right, now going downhill, head back towards your parked car, passing through this Camp/Caravan site (see picture) .

There are no toilets along this route except for the two pubs in App'trick.


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Video of The Dales Way : Part of the walk along the River Wharfe


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