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Distance: 6 miles (9.7km)
Time: About 3 or 4 hours depending on stops
Height: 2,273 ft. (692 m)
Difficulty: Not difficult, but strenuous
Scenery: Superb
Location: Start Grid Ref. SD 810721
Maps: Outdoor leisure 2. Landranger 98. Touring Map 6.
1. Starting with the Church as your point of reference, having either parked opposite the lane by the bridge, or go further into the village and use the official car park. 2. At the church, walk away from the pub and take the turning on the left, AFTER you have crossed the bridge
3. Walk up this pleasant lane. You arrive at a signpost on your left, showing you the way to Pen-y-ghent. Go through this five bar wooden gate. Towards the next visible stile. 4. Over a wooden stile and turn sharp left up a hill.
5. Now approach a stone stepped stile with a squeeky wooden gate, cross over this. 6. There are spectacular views towards Penyghent, then another stone stile to climb.
7. At the next rocky area the path goes through the centre of the rock, but at the next outcrop you may find it useful to go around to the right of the outcrop... rather than take the direct but more difficult path in the rock directly ahead.
8. By vearing left, and back onto the main path with the stone wall on your left, you can now see the pathway leading up towards the right of Pen-y-ghent. Head towards, and climb a twin wooden stile.
9. The path wanders left and right and there are beautiful views behind you.
You now have a mass of stone steps in front of you to climb!
10. A twin stile is next, (the left hand stile top platform is unsteady so watch out!) On crossing over, turn left, and start the gradual and rather taxing gradient towards the top. You are now on the Pennine Way!  The path is precipitous, with grass and a long way down on your right; and the rocky edge to your left.   Take Care Here!
11. The latter part is a very steep climb, but at least it is up some steps. Elevation 2,273 ft. At the top you may wish to rest here, but beware of the midges flies and wasps at any time of day! 12. Climb the twin stile behind the trig point, and follow the path signposted downhill, to Horton.
13. For the most part this path is rock, or crude steps, and can be uncomfortable underfoot with the wrong kind of footwear on. 14. Make your way down to a drunken sign on your right pointing to Horton in Ribblesdale.....a sharp left. Not long after this during your descent, you can take a detour to your right for Hull Pot, but for now...
15. ...we continue down to one large fence with a wooden stepped stile on either side. Go over this, and continue the path with views of the quarry to your left, and in front is Majestic Ingleborough. 16. Over another double wooden stile with a wooden five bar gate to the right of it.
17. Carry on a couple of hundred yards to a gate and turning point to your left, signposted to Horton. Along here the views are breathtaking, and to your left is the beast (Pen-y-ghent) you have just tamed. 18. From here the going is easy. You approach a metal gate with a wooden swing gate to the right, go through this, and continue along the Pennine way. A dilapidated and disused barn is passed on your left, as we continue along this 'green lane'. Go through another wooden fence, with a small gate to the left of it.
19. Pass a wooden seat on your right. The pathway divides not long from here and you may take either path, but we turn right, going through a metal gate with a wooden swing gate to the left of this. 20. Not long after this you arrive at the main road, where you turn left.
Passing the Post Office, on your left, cross over the road to the right, so as to use the path. Passing a camp site on your right, the Golden Lion Hotel is ahead of you, and so you arrive back at the church.

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