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Devonshire Arms : Cracoe

  Distance: 6.5 miles


4 hours


490ft (270ft gain)


Challenging Moments




From the pub doorstep


Explorer OL 2. OS Yorkshire Dales Southern and Central

Bus Service:

See for details. Or drive to their car parks. Fee payable.

A pleasant circular walk from the pub to test your mettle.
Excellent views and a feeling of great satisfaction at the end. Get the staff to make you a packed lunch for the journey or end with a meal and a pint back at the bar.


Leave the Devonshire Arms and turn left walking past the cafe. Head South West along the road towards Hetton.

You may feel safer on the pavement on the other side, but there is grassroom wide enough to keep on the left.

Just before the roadsign for Skipton and Hetton turn left up this lane. (see picture) signposted Bridleway - Rylestone 1 mile.


Walk for a good while along this easy pathway bordered by drystone walls.

You pass a pond on your left and then reach the church grounds.

Seek out the gate on the left before the church. (see picture) signposted Barden Moor. The track bears right then left onto grazing fields and leads you away from the church


After a while and a couple of gates, you have a bend to the right then you are faced with a double wood gate and this sign. (see picture) Go through the gate.

Take the footpath left, towards Sandy Beck Bar and Barden Moor.


The first available exit off to the left has been redirected, Pass it and 100 yards further on the left is this (pictured) double wooden gate with an information board.

Go through this and head slowly upwards passing a small wood on the right. Turn and enjoy the view behind you.

Continue along the Bridleway.


Go through this double wood gate, continuing uphill.

Follow the blue tipped posts.



At this point (see picture) go through the double gate and about 10 yards in, find and take a single trail on the left of the main path.

Keep the dry stone wall on your left as you continue along the trail. The terrain levels out and you should soon see the cross.

You eventually bear right and head North then North East across Rylstone Fell passing the five stepped ladder stile access to the cross.


Continue to follow this track with the wall and view over on your left. This (see picture) is the Parish line, (the R indicates Rylstone and on the other side is C for Cracoe)

If you look over the wall in a NW direction from
SD 9925 5867 you can see Cracoe and the Devonshire Arms in the distance, over a mile away.


At around two hours the Obelisk is within reach. A good place to stop for lunch are the rocks opposite the wooden ladder stile offering access to this monument.

Stay on the track, continuing to follow it's undulating path with the drystone wall on your left heading NE.

Keep an eye open for a set of six or seven hides over on your right, (see picture) just after a stone outcrop from the wall. Continue forward looking for a gate and ladder stile on your left.



Here is your exit from the high path. You will appreciate the wisdom of not doing this route in the reverse order over the next half mile or so.

Climb the stile at SD 99937 59597

Once over the wall, follow the path (see picture) into the gully; continue walking downhill as the gully deepens and you find yourself with grass banks and stone on either side. At one point a junction, but keep left with the gully. The walls grow above you and the height varies from three to ten feet high. Exciting stuff.

Continue your descent and slowly wend your way downhill. Finally leaving the gully, you pass between a hillock in the far distance with a clump of trees on your right and the obelisk up high on your left. Carry on downhill.


Head on a 30 degree angle and descend slowly towards the dry stone wall over on the right and in front of you.

Eventually you will arrive at a large wooden sheep corral with about nine exits. Just before the corral, turn towards the wall and gain pedestrian access via this (see picture) delapidated wooden excuse for a diamond double gate. Further down on the right are two more gates which you use to advance into the public lane.


Walk down the lane until you reach this Information board on your right. (pictured)

Turn left at this point, with the board at your back and follow the road all the way, turning right at it's junction and then left soon after.


At last you reach this short path (before two garages) on the right, (see picture) through a gap in the wall which takes you into the rear of the car-park of the Devonshire Arms and entrance to it's bar...

...allowing you to order a well earned drink and contemplate the menu for one of the Inn's meals.


Toilets are situated in the pub.  


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