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Distance: 3 miles : 5.6 km (plus 1 mile optional / essential visit to Gordale Scar)
Time: 2 to 2 hours
Height: 703 feet : 215metres
Difficulty: Mildly Exerting
Scenery: Stunning. Exhilarating.
Location: SD 900627

O.S. Landranger 1:50000 sheet 98O.S. - Outdoor Leisure 1:25000 sheet 2 or 41

1. Wherever you park, make your way towards the centre of Malham. Almost opposite the Buck Inn at Malham you will find the small local Blacksmith shop. Just to the right of the building, there's a Clapper Bridge.  Grid Ref: 900627.  Go over this and turn right. 2. Follow the sign to Janet's Foss (1 miles).
3. Go through two gates, keeping Gordale Beck on your right hand side At a kissing gate Grid Ref. 902624 turn left and follow the sign for Janet's Foss. 4. Go past a small barn on your right (Mires Barn) and through another kissing gate. You then encounter a Double then a Single kissing gate. Go past a rather interesting tree on your right, which appears to have its' roots on stilts.
5. Another small gate, with the stream still on your right, and pass through yet another gate. Look out for the National Trust sign for Janet's Foss Malham Tarn Estate. 6. Follow the path through the wood to the waterfall, and it's interesting History Board. Grid Ref: 912633
7. Taking the path that leads up and away to the left of the waterfall, in a north easterly direction, you soon pass by some decorative shepherds' crooks on your right  and onto the road. 8. Turning right; go down the road, and either choose to turn left at the FP for Malham Cove, on your left; or make your way towards Gordale Scar, via a waymarked gate on your left, Grid Ref: 913635 .  Those wishing refreshments, may find a snacks vendor close to this point.
9. The views towards Gordale Scar are always breathtaking. 10. Once you have seen Gordale Scar, make your way back to the road (see route map) and retrace your steps back to the FP now on your right, signposted Malham Cove. Grid Ref: 9125 6345.
11. Make your way up a steep bank and through a kissing gate and continue along the path and through another gate. Keeping the wall to your left, go through another gate veering slightly to the left and uphill, soon passing a barn on the left hand side. Make your way towards a gate, passing more shepherds crooks, (see picture right) and out onto the road.   Here you cross and walk the few yards uphill, to your right. Climb over the ladder stile which clearly states Malham Cove as being only half a mile distance. Make your way along an obvious path, on towards a signpost for Malham Cove, the path taking you slightly left. Now walk down the path and take either route through an open gateway, or over the laddered stile. Don't stray too close to the edge, it's a long way down.  Also the clints and grykes may be very picturesque, but the stone can be perilous during wet weather. 12. You can make your way over the rock, or for a more stable route, take to the higher grassy terrain, up and over to your right.

The pathway down is very easy to miss, so once you have ventured far enough over towards a wall, start looking out for the exit at Grid Ref: 897642 ...... and the stairway down. This is another place to take your time and be sure footed!
13. Follow the steps all the way down, reaching another gate before the final few steps down to the bottom.
Now you can either take the path left to the foot of the cove before returning, or right, following the stream on your left.

14. Go through the stile and turn left on the road heading back into Malham Village, taking advantage of the shops, two pubs, and cafes on the way.

Public Toilets are on your right between the red telephone box, and the Buck Inn.

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