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River Wharf and Linton
This walk takes in Linton falls, a serene meander along the river, over the suspension bridge, and along some lovely quiet lanes passing through the tranquil hamlet of Thorpe.

Distance: 4.75 miles.
Time: 2 ½ hours.
Height: Less than 800 ft.
Difficulty: A very gentle walk with three mildly exerting hills to go up.
Scenery: Weir, Falls, River, Pasture, and two unusual bridges. (packhorse and suspension)
Location: Start at Grassington National Park car park. SE 003637
Maps: Explorer OL2
1.From the main car park on the outskirts of Grassington, go through the gate at the back of the car park leading down to Linton Falls. It is clearly signed. Going through a set of gates, head downhill along the walled pathway. Turn left before the bridge, which is again clearly signed (picture) for Hebden and Burnsall at SE 002633 Go through a gap in the wall, and a four-stepped stone stile. 2.Follow the track along the riverside and over to your right, you will see the old church on the opposite bank. Now just follow this riverside pathway. At a five-stepped stone stile with a wooden gate at the top, go over this (picture) and turn right along the lane.
3. Pass the Mayfield B&B on your left, and go through a large metal gate with a wooden pedestrian gate to its right. (picture) Take the path signposted to Burnsall 2 ¼ miles on the left, which crosses the vehicle path in front of you. Head for the wooden bridge, by way of a shingle path. 4. Next go through a wooden kissing gate, keeping the river, and the noisy pumping station on your right, just follow the well defined Dalesway path. At the suspension bridge, cross over the river, (a unique experience, second only to the Millennium Bridge in London?) turn left through the gates, and less than 100 yards along on the right take this (picture) bridleway to Thorpe Lane, and head uphill.
5. Follow the blue painted posts along the path upward...eventually reaching a large wooden five bar gate, and pedestrian gate on its left, follow the path with a drystone wall on your left. At the next fence the road comes into view...cross over the road, following the directions (picture) for Thorpe. The crossroads are at 019622. You now have about 2 miles left to go. 6. On entering the quaint village of Thorpe, turn right at the village green, without its Maypole!!! (check out the information board) Head uphill passing the red postbox on the left, and at the next juction turn left. Along this road, is a three-stepped stone stile (picture) before a ruined barn on your right. Take this and head downhill, following the sign for Linton on the right. Follow the rather indistinct pathway, keeping the drystone wall over on the left. Head for the post in a rock, in the middle of the field, and soon, a four-stepped stile, then a wooden ladder stile to the left of a large metal gate. Scramble over this.
7. Follow the track into Linton through another wooden ladder stile, and at the junction turn right. Continue along the roadway, passing a bridge to your left, (or using it to gain access to the pub, the Fountaine Inn, over the river ?!?). Turn right at the end of the road junction, by the second bridge, (built in 1892), at 997628, and head along the main road, (picture) passing a right turn.
At the next crossroads, carry straight over for Linton Parish Church, and Linton Falls. This is a steep downhill trek.
8. At the next junction go straight on past the bridge on your left. Now just follow the directions for Grassington and Linton Falls, ignoring the packhorse bridge, and passing behind the back of private houses on your right, carry on over the wooden bridge enjoying the view, (picture) and return up the path, back to the car park.

There are no toilets along this route except at the pub in Linton and at the Grassington National Park car park.

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