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CragFace Langcliffe to Stainforth

  Distance: 4. miles (6.4 km)


2 hours


Fairly level


Easy Peasy, (apart from the last half mile slog uphill)


Pasture, Kiln, River, Waterfall, and lots of history and nature stuff


Start at SD823651


Yorkshire Dales Touring Map 6

Bus Service:

There are buses to Settle. See for details.

This is a very satisfying, yet easy walk, past the Settle to Carlisle railway, the massive Hoffman Kiln, and along the banks of the River Ribble, via a Pack Horse Bridge, built in 1670.

This walk was Complied by Cragface.
All Words, Photography, etc. are by the man himself.

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Park in the only Car Park in Langcliffe. Set off, keeping the school on your right, and the church behind you, take the small lane between the houses.

Go 50 yards forward and turn right up this lane, passing Hope Hill Farm on your right, then walk for about 200 yards.


Take this stone stepped stile on your left for Stainforth. (pictured) It is just past another single gate you will be returning by.


Go through a series of wall and fence crossings...

...enjoying the views that the area is acclaimed for, and keeping the river and the rail line on your left.


Through this gate, or it's adjoining stile on the left, which will eventually lead you to a small road.


Cross the road, and up the track ahead of you , pausing to read the information board on the right.

On reaching the top, follow the track forward all the way keeping the railway line on your left until you reach the disused depot, and eventually the massive Hoffman Kiln.


There is a trail to help you explore all of the site along with plenty of information boards.


Once you have seen all you want of the kiln...both inside and out... you will find there are some smaller sites in close proximity, associated with the kiln.

But to continue the walk, keep to the path left of the kiln itself, and walk over this small single track bridge, and follow it's trail, up and over the rise.


Make your way to this board, and cross right to left, into the field via the adjoining stile. Follow the pathway through this field.


Cross this wooden stepped stile, and keep to the path. Head forward keeping the road on your left.
Eventually you end up here at this stone stile, and, once over it, you should turn right, heading towards Stainforth, with the roadside on your left.

Just beyond the Old School House over on the left is a narrow road, cross the main road, and turn left down here.

Following this steep byway downhill to reach the Stainforth Packhorse Bridge. SD817672 (Built by Samuel Watson, a Quaker, in 1670.)


Turn right and go over the bridge, but near the end of it, go over to your left, and cross into the field through a small gap in the wall. (seen here)

From now on your way back is accompanied by the delightful River Ribble on your left. You have scenery, wildlife, and tranquillity.

There are several picturesque stiles and crossings along the way.
Pure Yorkshire Luxury...a choice of two types of stile, both at the same wall.
Continue walking along this trail, keeping the river always on your left.
You will arrive at the weir, and I must warn you that if the stones here are wet, it may be treacherous and slippy. The smooth rocks are on a slope, and it can be difficult to walk across them.
Turn left and cross this bridge.
Once over the bridge turn left and if you have time, keep an eye out for leaping salmon and trout by the fish ladder, pictured here; mid right.
Go up the lane to the main road.

Crossing over the road, veer right, over a footbridge and enter a lane on your left, just past the rail bridge, signposted Pike Lane.

After about 50 yards, turn right through a gate and walk uphill to a small gate at the top of a field,(seen here).

Go into the lane and turn right returning to Langcliffe by the same route you started on.

Toilets are situated in the car park at Stainforth. You pass them on the right as you go between instructions 10 and 11 of this walk.




















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