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CragFace Hubberholme Walk

  Distance: 6 miles  








About 3 to 4 hours. Dependent on visits to church and detours to pubs.


1130 ft


Not difficult. Bit of an uphill to the pub.


Perhaps the most scenic and charming of all the walks, deep in the heart of the dales, this has everything needed to make you feel good about life.

Start Location:

SSD 925783 : - Turn left after Buckden from the B6160


OS Yorkshire Dales Touring Map 6 & OS Outdoor Leisure 2

Bus Service:

There are buses throughout the week from Grassington National Park Centre at the start/finish point of this walk. See for details.

Probably the most beautiful and exhilarating views in the area !!!
This walk starts beside a pub, church and river, with an interesting history. You slowly climb towards another pub with wonderful views and end by gentle descent, finally walking alongside the river. You will enjoy!

Drive past the George pub, and turning right, go over the bridge and pass the church on your left. Parking is further along the riverside on your right, but limited. (see picture) Please respect Church and Pub parking.

(You are advised to visit the church first... for two reasons. 1. You may be too tired to appreciate it later. 2. Muddy boots after the walk would not be welcome.)

This walk was Complied by Cragface.
All Words, Photography, etc. are by the man himself.


From the above parking point, walk further down the road away from the church with the river on your right, until you reach this (pictured) signed path for Cray, on your left, then follow it with the stream on your right.


Follow this pathway and go over this (pictured) wooden stepped style...under tree shade...the river on the right with mini waterfalls...opening out to meadow and later, the river leaving you on the right...a steep incline near a dry stone wall over on the left, and waterfall on your right.


At the top of the incline...a wooden signpost for the footpath. On your left a double metal barred gate and dry stone wall. Reaching the top, notice the building above you to the left, and go through the small wood swing gate in front of you. (pictured) Follow this gravel path with the dry stone wall at your right, and the stream down below.


Pass a signpost for Stubbing Bridge, pointing in the direction you have just travelled. Pass a farm track entrance over on your right, and follow the lane upward. You will reach the lane at picture 5, but if you want refreshments in the local hostelry...turn right here, and walk about 500 yards downhill, and through farm buildings ending at the road and pub.(pictured)


Once satiated, and your energy replenished, set off back uphill to this point here, and follow the track forward. (pictured) passing the wooded signpost for the footpath at SD 939791.
All around you are glorious views, the best being over to your left. Absolute Bliss.


Traverse through a gap in the wall with a wooden five bar double gate, then pass a thirty foot wall on either side. Go through a fragile wooden six bar gate which has a wooden sign on the other side saying, "Meadowland Single File Please". Immediately pass a barn to your right. After a wooden signpost, go over this single-file bridge from right to left. with a stile at it's far end (placed at SD934792) (pictured) Take the path to your left.


Go over a swing-gated stile. (pictured) through a dry stone wall, and continue along the lane. Pass a wooden signpost......
(Cray / back...Hubberholme / left) Go forward at this.


Here (pictured) pass this post and head forward to the the Yockenthwaite wood post (Meadowland...please keep to waymarked path) follow this signpost left through the gated stile in the wall.

Now follow the yellow tipped posts, taking care of the grykes! (cracks in the limestone floor)


You will arrive at a wooded area, the entrance is via this one stepped stile with wood swing gate. (picture) Go into the wood, and follow the path to its conclusion.
At (picture) this unusual stone bridge, cross it, and go through it's three stepped stone stile; turn sharp left heading downhill along the path.
Now go over a couple of one stepped stone stiles. Pass a derelict and rustic barn above you on your right, through a hole in the wall, and a gap marked with a yellow circle.
Pass by this wood guidepost taking in the beautiful views. (pictured)
Through this single pedestrian swing gate. (pictured)
At this gate (pictured) go out onto the stony pathway and bear left downhill.

Descend this fairly easy gradient, going through the farmyard and towards the river. (picture)

Make your way down onto the track left of the bridge by the river. Now face left, with the bridge at your back and the river on your right.


Head SW out of Yockenthwaite village and farm through a double wooden gate past a sign saying Hubberholme footpath from Deepdale and Beckermonds.

Go through this single wooden gate, (pictured) and down some stone steps; then follow the path to the riverside.

Follow the river downstream keeping it on your right hand side.

Continue to keep the river on your right, and next go through a six bar double wooden gate. Now follow this path on to a three stepped stone stile, (or a nearby gap)
At a double wooden gate, (which may be open) take the track to the right of this, signposted by a wooden 'footpath' sign. Next go through an open stepped stile, then pass a Barn on the left, then a wooden gate, and then a small half stile (with a 'footpath' sign pointing both ways.)

Go through into a field, and keep very close to the right, passing another footpath post.

Ahead of you is a six bar double wooden gate...go through this then pass a barn on your left, and start heading up a slight incline.

At this single bridge, climb the wood step stile before it (pictured) then go over the stepped stile, rather than the gate at the right by the river.

Come up behind the church, past the Starhouse and Yockenthwaite Dalesway sign on your left.
The track bears round right through the farm buildings. Then back onto the road, right, to your car.

There are toilets at both pubs.


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