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Hebden to Burnsall Circular

  Distance: 4.25 miles


2 - 3 hours


800 ft.


An enjoyable trek uphill, then down to a riverside ramble, and over the single path suspension bridge.


Distant views, River, Stepping stones,Suspension bridge and lots of bird life.


Start at SE 026630


Explorer OL2

Bus Service:

There are hourly buses throughout the day seven days a week from Grassington National Park Centre at the start/finish point of this walk. See for details. Or you could walk it.

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Start in Hebden main street. Park courteously opposite the Post Office (See pic.) and a few hundred yards down a bit.

You can pick up supplies of walking fuel here, the pasties and pies are good and the ham is wonderful. But buy your Beluga elsewhere...

From the P.O. doorway, coming out; turn right away from the telephone box, walk past the play area and cafe, called the Old School Room:



Not far along the wall, on your left, is this (See pic.) rounded metal kissing gate.

The signpost says FP to Hebden Suspension Bridge (half) and Hartlington Raikes (one and a half)

Go through the gate and head downhill, fence and river on the left, along a cobbled path. Miss the metal bridge on your left and go through a wood fenced gate, above a four stone stepped stile. Continue the path forward.


Going through a wooden kissing gate, you will reach a weir here, (See pic.) Now cross the single path wood bridge, and continue past the trout farm.

The path gets boggy. Should have packed your gaiters!
Not far along the pathway is a tiny stream.


Walk over this slab and take the left path uphill that you can see in the distance. (See pic.)

Note the lower path! you will be returning on it!

Head towards a metal five bar gate but do NOT use it.


About 20 yards before the metal gate, is a faint pathway over on the left, that takes you to the dry stone wall.

Use the 3 or 4 stoned stepped stile with wood fence, to gain access over into the field. (See pic.)

There in the next field, is a large gap in the wall over on the right, or if you feel adventurous, try the stone stepped stile a few yards ahead into the same field. Head diagonally right for farm buildings over to the right.


Dive through the metal gate entrance of Ranelands Farm, but please bolt it after you.

Do not turn right and follow the lane.
Instead look forward and head for this (See pic.) five bar metalled gate with finger post. Go through (hitching it safely closed again) and head uphill in the direction of the post.

You can just make out the grass pathway.


Pay careful attention.
Head uphill. Turn back every so often and take in the views. They're good. There is a long wood gate over on the right, usually open, but used by cattle so it is quite a muddy area. Once through watch out for a barn. (high on the left) Continue to keep this over on your left.

Go well past the barn. Now head diagonally right towards a tree in the distance. It's by a large gate in the wall over on the right. Don't use it, keep going past it. You will end in a corner by a finger post and stone stile. (See pic.) Cross the stile into the next field.


In the next field is another three stepped stone stile not far away, down on the left. It is marked with 2 wooden Footpath signposts.

Go over this. Keep looking all round at the views. You should now be able to see the river and bridge of Burnsall.

You arrive at this wood ladder style, (See pic.) go over it into the next field but don't go veering off to the left towards the road and stile.


Instead walk to the right a little and look out for this
(See pic.) large tree. On the right is a wood gated stile

Go through this.


You can't go wrong if you keep following the direction of the finger posts. Next is this finger post and stile to get through. (See pic.)

About four hundred yards later you find this stile, topped with a wooden gate. (See pic.)

Go over this, and the next stile is only a hundred yards away, but this time without a gate. Once over there is a painted yellow arrow to aid your navigation.

You will be able to see the village of Burnsall clearly now.


Heading down a steep incline like a mountain gazelle, you hit this small wood gate. (See pic.)

Exit onto the road, bearing right, and rejoice the fact that you are now on the level for a few hundred yards.

Not far along over on the left, is a signpost and stile to get you off road and back into inclined pasture.


Here, (See pic.) is the point where you jump into the field and head back downhill.

Not far is a wooden seat, just in case you want to rest or take lunch.

The way down to the bridge is obvious, but watch out for the molehills, electric fence and shifting sands.


Take the steps up from the riverside to the bridge top. Turning right, (See pic.) walk over the bridge and at bridge end, turn 180 degrees to your right and head to the riverside path with the River Wharfe on your right, and the pub on your left.

You can take time out before the river path first to R&R etc. There is a pub, two churches a couple of cafe's and a shop. Sitting on the grass and paddling is allowed. There is also a toilet (Free).

This was one of the backdrops for the film "The Calendar Girls"


Entry to the river path, as described above, is here. (See pic.)

Follow the path all the way. Enjoy the sights and sounds and smells of the countryside.

There are a couple of very large metal kissing gates to get through.
Depending on whether you dawdle, take pictures etc. It should take a good 20 minutes or more to the next instruction.


After an undulating riverside ramble past Loupe Scar, you will finally arrive at the Suspension Bridge.

If you have trouble with the height, or the sway, or the idea of crossing it, there are always the stepping stones nearby or a healthy brisk swim across.

The choice is yours.


Once over, and the sick bag creatively disposed of...

...walk with your back to the bridge exit - straight forward; never veering right or left, a few yards until you find yourself hemmed in here. (See pic.) turn left and go through this gate, turning right and aiming for the wall.

At this gate (See pic) and finger post, go through onto the road and turn right.

Walk along the right of the road, and at this finger post (Hebden and Bank Top) turn left (See pic) and go down the lane back to Hebden.

You go forward through a cluttered conurbation of housing and gardens, until a wooded pathway leads towards a gate.


At this gate, (See pic.) go through onto the track that you didn't take when you were at instruction number 4.

Follow your nose, passing the trout farm, the weir, the single file bridge and up to the left, back onto your starting point.

Full marks! Well Done.

Free Toilets in Burnsall at the Pay Car Park.




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