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The Hanlith Round

  Distance: Just under 12 miles


About 5 - 6 hours


750 ft. gain


Strenuous uphills at times.


Rivers, reservoirs and heath land; with lush grassland and distant views towards Malham Cove.


Start at Calton SD 909592.


South Sheet of OS Explorer OL2. or OS Yorkshire Dales TM6

Bus Service:

There are hourly buses from Grassington National Park Centre to the villages. See for details.

This is a twelve mile journey, taking in the villages of Winterburn, and the reservoir, Hanlith and Calton. Stroll along some nice stretches of heath land and riverbank. Good for bird watching and wildlife.

You can park at the Grid Ref's below depending on your start point.
For Malham park at SD 911633 Gordale Bridge. Start at SD 925631.
For Kikby Malham, park by the Church, or Pub. (ASK permission!) Start at SD 900611.
For Airton SD 903592 village street parking, or SD 904592 just over the bridge, (parking for about three cars) Start at SD 904592.
For Calton, limited parking along Kell Syke Lane for Start at SD 909592. (Designated start of this walk).

Please park wisely, all parking spots are limited. Be courteous.
I suggest you take a packed lunch and adequate H2O supply.

This walk was Complied by Cragface.
All Words, Photography, etc. are by the man himself.

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Starting in the small hamlet of Calton, walk to the very end of the Lane; here there are two trails, one ahead signposted for Weets Top (Bridleway). But look right (See Pic.) and take this rugged trackway between the two houses, then pass a farmyard close to pathway on the right.


Continue along here, past a tyre convention. Follow the signed post for Cowper Cote, then over a stile to the left of a double diamond gate.

Pass a rubble wall, (either side, but preferably to the left) before reaching the next instruction.


Go over this stile, left of the large wood gate. (See Pic.) Then go over a similar one and set off towards a drystone wall and an old barn.

At the wall, clamber the wood four stepped stile into the next field and walk till you reach a small stream. Search to the right of the stream for the crossing. (see next instruction)


At this tree and short hop over the stream, walk up and cross over this small wood two step contraption with pole. Once over, head uphill and follow the meandering trail.

Enjoy the pastoral scenery.


Head towards the building in the distance and the gate to its left (See Pic.)

Go through the rickety six bar wood gate here and be careful of the sheep ambush.

Now walk down and over to the right to cross the wall by the five stepped wood stile, and another later, right of a large metal swing gate. Edge left in this field enjoying further views of river and pasture.


Reach and climb over this wooden two stepped stile. (See Pic.) Then head down towards the road, left of the large tree seen in the (right) distance.

You will arrive at a wooden fingerpost, cross into the road by a two stepped stone stile topped with a small wood swing gate. Once on the road turn left.


Walk the road till over the bridge (See Pic.) where here at the crossroads you take the left turn at the road junction towards Hetton and Grassington for Winterburn.

Walk this road passing a farmhouse and churn stand...

(Liquid milk sales became increasingly important and in the 1920s and 1930s, milk carts were a common sight collecting the milk churns left at the farm gate on churn stands. These stone and concrete churn stands can still be seen on roadsides beside farm gates throughout the Dales. The milk carts rushed the churns to the nearest railway station to catch the milk trains.)


Pass a monkey puzzle tree on the left, and turn here at SD 935586. (See Pic) into Winterburn. Don't blink or you'll miss it.

Follow this metalled road into the wood past the signpost for Way Gill. The road veers left then right over a stone bridge, then just follow Winterburn Beck, keeping your eyes and ears peeled for wildlife.

Go over two Cattle Grids, and eventually you see the steps of the reservoir mouth over on your right.

At this notice board (See Pic) and signpost turn left.
A few yards in, turn right and almost immediately cross a Cattle Grid. Now just continue to follow this badly concreted meandering roadway.

On reaching this (See Pic) three and a bit stone stepped stile, go over and head for the reservoir edge, (follow the line of the fingerpost ...dont go through the low gate to your right!)

At the next fingerpost turn left and walk the edge of the field with the water on your right.

Eventually arriving at this gate and another beyond that. (See Pic.) Go through these, then over a small plank bridge to clear you of the trickle of a beck.

Go over a stone stepped stile, surrounded by a wood corral. Next is a four stepped wood stile, turning left into a field.

Keep the long drystone wall on your left and the single arched bridge ahead till this gate marked Hetton / Malham (See Pic.) on your left.

Go through the gate and head uphill towards Malham through rough moorland.

Take time out on your way upward to view 360 now and again. Go through a three-quarter six bar wood gate, following the humped dirt trail in this zimmer free zone.

Heading for Weets Top, go through this gate (See Pic) weaving left, then right, along this pathway. Keep that wall on your left, and go through another three-quarter gate.

Cross over the wash then walk through the hole in the wall. (See Pic.) Now just follow the dirt path uphill, passing through another wood gate...and onto the 414 trig point.

(Those parked at Gordale would join from here: come through the gate and turn right along the path at SD 925631.)

Take the path SSW.


Walk to SD 923628. Here you have an interesting choice: forward through Calton Moor back to the village in just over two miles.

Or, continue with the planned route along riverside and the Pennine Way...turn right at a finger post stating Hanlith 1 and 3/4 Miles...leading to this four handed direction post (See Pic.) where you take the marked way to Hanlith. Go through that gate.

Follow the generalised pathway SW. There are some boggy bits, beware. It is difficult to say when to head over to your right...but at some point you will see the rubble track and gate here (See (hover over) Pic.)

Wander over to collect the path and go through the large metal gate to follow the walled way into Hanlith. Keep an eye out for Malham Cove on your right!

Down the hill and winding, the road takes you through this charming village. Past postbox, horses and Hall.

Ignore the public footpath on the right that takes you onto the river heading North.

At this point (See Pic.) turn left and head alongside the river with it on your right.

(Those parked near Kirkby Malham, can take up the route from here: at SD 900611)

This is a pleasant mile and a half.


Walk through a wood kissing gate. Later watch out for this pair of gates on the right, and go through them.

There is another small wood gate after this, and ten yards on...a wooden fingerpost claiming you are on the Pennine Way.

Just to confuse you there are two identical bridges to choose from at the end of this field.

Choose the one on the left here, (See Pic.) (The short post for pygmy readers (bottom left of my picture) says PW and has an acorn sign.)
Go over this bridge and the stone stepped stile behind it, turning right to follow the path.

Go over a concrete bridge, then through a small wood kissing gate. Turn right and continue along this route

After another kissing gate, you meet this scene. Go to the wall and cross over the three stepped stone stile.

Pass the Dingly Dell on your left and notice the dwellings on the other side of the river.
Take the marked route onto the road, and turn left.

(Those parked in Airton Village or along this road can start from here at
SD 904592)

Head away from the bridge uphill due East along the Z bent road. (See Pic.)
This road leads to Calton.

Pass Calton Hall with its links to the Lamberts and Cromwell, and ignore the road as it turns right away from the village.

Carry on forward, deeper into the village till your starting point.
SD 909592.

Toilets are not available anywhere. Use a bush, tree or wall, preferably behind one.  





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