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Hebden Beck and Yarnbury Mine

  Distance: 4½ miles


3 hours


Level till home stretch; quarter mile uphill drag from the river to the mine workings.




Riverside walking and Industrial interest.


Start at SE 014 658


OS Touring Map 6 : OS Explorer OL2.

Bus Service:

See for details.

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This walk was compiled by Cragface.
All Words, Photography, etc. are by the lad himself.



Start in Grassington go to the Chapel street crossroads and continue forward, passing the Town Hall on your right, and follow the old Yarnbury Road out of town in a North Easterly direction. (Dead End)

At the end of this road is the entrance to the mine workings over a cattle grid, opposite a large house. You can park along the road here, but don't block anyone.

Walk back a ways from the mine entrance and seek out this (See Pic.) wood swing gate and signpost over on the left. Go through, bearing in the direction of the post; (Hebden Beck 2 miles) right at about 40 degrees.


Approach a wall and go through the squeeze stile with small wood gate, and continue along the pathway.

Go through this double wooden gate. (See Pic.) Look out for the Cracoe Cross on the left horizon.

Turn sharp left, looking for a wall gap...


...over on the left is this gap in the wall. (See Pic.)

Go through the gap and veer 40 degrees (right) keeping the wall close to your right side.


Eventually you reach this point. (See Pic.)

A gap (missing double gate) then a single step stone stile with wood swing gate.

Pass the gap. Cross into the field via the aforementioned stone stile, turning left and heading for the next wall crossing not far away.


Here you will meet a five stepped wood stile.
Clamber over this and turn right onto another similar.

Use this to get over into the next field and keep to the path avoiding the mud as best you can.

I suggest keeping as close to the wall and move upwards then edge back round onto the pathway again.


You will eventually arrive at a large metal bar gate. (See Pic.)
Use the small stile with wood swing gate to its right.

Continue the obvious pathway a little over to the right.

You reach a double gravel path which forks.
Take the high road on your right and follow on.


You will see a mast up and over to your right.

Keeping the wall on your right you get to a corner; here. (See Pic.)

There is a track uphill fenced by a double wood gate on the right, and this wood signposted three stone stepped squeeze stile with swing gate.
Say that fast 3 times and you get a prize.

Take the downhill pathway via yellow topped posts, through the stile signed to Hebden, away from Moor Lane.


Head downhill passing sparse woods over to the right, and this signpost (See Pic.) on your left.

Follow the sign for (FP) B5265.

Keep the wall on your left and keep going downhill via yellow topped posts.



Eventually you arrive here. (See Pic.)

Go through this swing gate and head for the wall on the other side, in the direction of Hebden.


Not far is this wood signpost, by a two stone stepped stile with wood swing gate.

Use this and keep your nose pointing to Hebden.


Directions are straightforward from here.

Use this gate. (See Pic.)


Use this three stepped wood ladder stile. (See Pic.)

Head towards the farm buildings.


Keeping the wall on your left, pass any exits till you get to the farm buildings. Go left through this wooden double gate (See Pic.) heading for a soil and gravel lane.


At the lane T junction turn right here. (See Pic.) walk past the buildings and Hargreaves coach park and garage on your left, reaching the main road. (B6265)

At the main road turn left towards Hebden.


Stagger past the pub, or drop by for an ale and meal?

They have rooms should you overindulge with liquid refreshments.


At the crossroads of the B6265 (Turn right and wait for the 72A bus (Pride of the Dales) back, or) turn left and walk a few yards, turning right over this bridge, (See Pic.)

The sign on the pole says Edge Top half a mile.
Pass the cottages and their gardens (on the other side) and go through a single swing gate.

Walk a short distance by the river, and cross the metal bridge.
Head uphill and right to the road, passing a wood seat dedicated to Fred.


Turn right walking along this private road, and keep an eye out for a gate leading to a waterfall on the right should you want a pleasant viewpoint.

The road lunges uphill for a short while, then down by some cottages and you pass through a double gate then veer to the right over a pictureque bridge.

Here over on the right by the Beck is a picnic table you can take advantage of as well as the surroundings. Continue the roadway through many gates with the Beck on your left. (See Pic.)


Pay Attention. At some point you will see over on your left some stepping stones. Use them. Pass through a gate on the left bank by a ford. Now with the river on your right, you reach a kiln to the left.
You can if you want to extend your trip by heading off to the chimney and other works remains over on the far distant right...but...

At SE 0224 6575 turn sharp left up hill to follow the snaking pathway.
This is the worst and a bit of a slog. At the top take the path left.

You must be very careful not to miss this gate. (See Pic.) Marked helpfully, Public Bridleway! Go through this, and follow the pathway to the mine entrance and your car.


Toilets are situated at pub and cafe in Hebden. Public toilets here closed. Or next to Grassington National Park Centre off Hebden Road. BD23 5LB

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