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Grass Woods

  Distance: 5 miles (8km)


3 hours


900 ft.


Undulating wood track: Take water.


Dales pasture wood and riverside ramble


Start at SE 00352 64207


See Google HERE

Bus Service:

See for details. Or drive to the main car park Yorkshire Dales National Parks Authority. Fee payable.


View Grass Wood in a larger map


Start at the junction by the Town Hall. Face Chapel street and walk down it, passing Grove House Gallery on your right. (See Pic.)

Miss Intake Lane on your right, and pass the Methodist Chapel on your right.

At Bank Lane follow the wood signpost uphill for a short distance before turning left into a walled lane. Continue on.


You will find yourself corralled in with a choice of three metal gates and a wood post. (See Pic.)

Take the first single gate on your left then cross the double railway sleepers and aim for the next wall.

There you will find a two stepped stone stile squeeze gate signed Public Footpath which you take and veer left following the direction of the post.


Aim here. Study this picture. You are heading eventually for the stone barns top distant right and eventually the edge of the wood.

Go through this gate (See Pic.) following the direction of the post to Grass Woods, and then the next two stone stepped stile, over on your left.

Once through, look over the edge of the ridge for the next lonely fingerpost near ruins, and follow it's direction.


You arrive at this squeeze gate and go through it. (See pic.)

Walk into the walled track and follow your nose, passing a barn and a cave on your right.

At a double metal gate, pass through and then go through a gap in the wall always heading to the edge of the woods.

Take your time to look around you and drink in the views.


Go (See Pic.) over this wooden gated, four stone stepped stile, and into the woods, passing an information board and keeping quiet so you can hear the wildlife.

There is a steep incline through the wood and as it levels out, you can see on your left, a sign for the prehistoric site.


You are here (See Pic.)

For further information on this historic area See:- HERE

... and HERE :- Nature Reserves

Continue on until you arrive at a Y in the path. Go right.

The path undulates onward and upward. Keep to the path.


Finally the pathway stops going uphill.

You will arrive at a crossroads with a wooden signpost.
(See Pic.)

Carry forward in the direction of Grasswood Lane.


The stony pathway will wind downhill. Curving right, notice a grass pathway joining you from the right as you curve left and reach the edge of the woods. As you continue on, you can pick out the views to Conistone and Kilnsey Crag over on your right.

At the bottom; you have a choice. Pass the piles of wood and go towards the double wooden gate, out onto the road and head left.
This is the safe route and you will easily find the exit point first gate on your right onto the river trail.

Or (See Pic.) Take this trail over to the left just before the gate perpendicular to the road.


On taking the trail you will need to be aware that there are no signposts or indications as such, to turn right downhill and onto the road.

Keep a look out for this wooden ladder stile.

At SD 98247 65287 or thereabouts, hop down onto the road and bound across to the other side, carefully avoiding the muck-spreaders and mountain rescue charabancs.


It's easy-peasy from here.

Walk the riverside path keeping the water on your right.

At the sight of these rocks right of your path (See Pic.) turn right and head downhill to the edge of the river and grab a picnick.

Head all the way back to Grassington from here. Take in the views, the wildlife and Ghaistrill's Strid.


The wooden seat at Ghaistrill's Strid has a grand viewpoint, and when you have rested, climb this (See Pic.) six stepped wooden ladder stile, then a couple of stone stiles and head for Grassington Bridge.

It is a pleasant meander to end the walk on.


At the stone bridge edge left (See Pic.) and aim for this track left of the bridge.

At the road, cross to the other side, Notice this is a very busy road at times. Please be wary! Then through the gate at the other side.

You have the choice of two gates ( A Yorkshire luxury) Take either (the old squeeze gate or the posh one) and continue forward keeping the Wharfe on your right.


At Linton Bridge, (See Pic.) exit at this gate (Taking time out to cross the wooden bridge and take snaps?) You turn left and head up the walled pathway and out into the Car Park.

At the road (B6265) turn left and head back into Grassington or back to your parked car.


Toilets are situated in the Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority, Grassington.  

This walk was compiled by Cragface.
All Words, Photography, etc. are by the man himself.

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