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  Distance: 5 miles (8 km)


3 hours


300 ft.


One steep gradient half way round


Varied. Lots of wildlife and frondescence


Park at SE 169553 for free


I use them all the time

Bus Service:

See for details.

This walk was complied by CragFace.
All Words, Photography, etc. are by the man himself.

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Start here at SE 169553 and park in the large free car park.

Choose this short pathway (see picture) towards the road. Turn right at the pathway end and head East along the A59.


Cross the road very carefully, (this is a very busy highway) at this junction (see picture) and take the road North signed Dacre and Pateley Bridge. Head uphill along this country road. (Hardisty Hill)


After a short while there is a branch off to the left (see rather dark image) here.

Take this downhill lane to Skaife Hall Farm, and public footpath to Cockbur Bank.


Pass the farmhouse on your left.

Go over the wood stile to the right of this gate. (see picture) and follow the pleasant pathway directly ahead.


Eventually you will reach here. (picture) Climb the wood stile to the left of the gate and enter the wooded area.

Continue bearing left, along the well defined track.


After some distance out into a clearing, you will find yourself approaching this gate and wood stile to its right. (see picture)

Climb the stile and go forward along the main pathway. (Do not take the small track to the right after the fence.)


Continue the path which eventually runs parallel to another you can trace over on your left. Pass a sign for the River Washburn.

Cross right to left over this wood bridge, (picture) bearing right and continue along the pathway.


Follow the track uphill until you meet a crosspath, here turn left and then at the tarmac turn right. Only a yard or two down the road on your left is this (see picture) stone squeeze stile.

Sashay through this and clamber uphill for some distance. This is the hardest part of the walk.


Half way uphill go through (picture) this step stile and continue the path uphill.
Finally arriving at this wood and stone five stepped stile and fingerpost. Cross into the road and turn left going just a few yards down.

Not far down on your right is a public footpath over on the right.

Take this (see picture) and watch out for soggy earth or deep mud along here. Head towards some buildings.


The pathway reaches a stone stepped stile (see picture) into an enclosed area, passing the back of a private house. Please pass quickly and quietly through the menagerie and continue the marked way - which is to the left through the sheep drive, between the dry stone walls set about 15 feet apart.

(Don't go through the open gateway over on the right!) At the end of it, a crosstrack - go straight ahead. Then aim at a diagonal from the left corner to the right corner of this field.


Look out for Brandrith Crags on your left. Go over the wood stile on the left of this gate. (see picture)

Go past the first opening at two yards, then pass the wall you can see. Now turn left after it. Walk this path, but if waterlogged you will need to stay about 20 feet right of the dry stone wall.

Keep those farm buildings you can see in the picture in the distance on your right, eventually passing them. Walk along the green pathway and through a gap.


You will arrive at this timber union jack gate (the wall curves right before it) leading out onto a good metalled road. (see picture) Go through it and turn left.

Walk along the road and follow it till it curves left. Notice a gated pathway into an interesting conservation area on your right, pass it and continue along the road, passing a rectangular slope on your right.

This is not marked on the OS map, but is a small reservoir.


Not long after the end of the reservoir is a sharp turn in the road to the right.

At this point take the pathway off to the left towards this wood diamond gate. (picture)

Go through this, following the very straight pathway towards Menwith Hill Golf Club :) in the distance.

Continue almost in a straight line through (see picture) a metal gate then a gap.
You can see the spire of Blubberhouses Church situated at SE 168552 in the distance over on the right.

Go through another metal gate (picture) along the route.

Finally arriving here at this muddy exit. (picture) Choices of return to the car here are...

(A) To turn right on the road and walk until the A59, crossing the road and head East back into the car park.

(B) Turn left and go to the next instruction.


Several hundred yards up the road, turn right at this old fashioned 1900's metal PF post. (pictured)

Follow the pathway as far down as it goes and then turn sharp right going through the gaps along the obvious track.


If wet there are very muddy areas. The path goes through water here and then veers left behind this tree. (see picture)

Just continue along the pathway.

You will arrive at this farm. Go through the metal seven bar gate and ignore the sheep dog.

Turn sharp right and walk through the farm onto the road where you turn left and walk up to the A59. Head East back to the car. Please take care crossing this busy road.

No toilets are available along this walk.

Nearest are in the car park in the Swinsty Moor Plantation between Fewston and Swinsty Reservoirs at
SE 1869 5380





















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