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CragFace Beamsley Beacon

  Distance: 5½ miles (9km)


4 hours


1290 ft.


Take water with you, the beacon path is steep.


Riverside, farmland, birdlife, and scenic 360 on top of Beamsley Beacon.


Start at SE 072539


Available from Bolton Abbey Estate price £1 or OS. OL2

Bus Service:

You can catch Cravenlink bus 884 from Skipton Bus Station to the start/finish point of this walk on Sundays. See for details. Or drive to their car parks. Fee payable.

Another foray into the depths of the acclaimed Bolton Abbey Estate. Not for the wheezy chested though, you need a pair of lungs and stout boots to get you round. Dogs are allowed on leads.

This walk was Complied by Cragface.
All Words, Photography, etc. are by the man himself.

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Drive to the Village car park located at SE 070539. (Entrance pictured)
The parking fee is currently £4 (for all the family) to a very large and well-kept estate. It entitles you to use all three car parks on the estate, and to access all areas for the day. All the fees are ploughed back into retaining the beauty of the estate.


Make your way towards the hole -in-the-wall, (pictured) and down the steps.

Either go right, through a fence gap, a short way down these steps: or ...continue all the way down to the river, and then turn right, to follow the path adjacent to the river.

Keep the river on your left.


Better views are had higher up, especially looking back towards the Abbey, but; nearer the river is a chance to spot more wildlife.

After a while you reach this (pictured) metal kissing gate. Go through and follow the path keeping the river on your left.


Eventually you reach the bridge, passing a wooden seat. Then go through this gap (pictured) onto the road, turn left and go over the bridge.

Enjoy the views from both sides.


Only a few yards after the bridge is this waysigned post; gate; and steps, over on the right. (pictured)

Make your way through this and follow the track under the dual carriageway, the river now on your right.


Emerging here (see picture) walk to the junction, and turn right into the village of Beamsley.


Passing through this pretty hamlet, and up a slight incline, you reach a left junction here (pictured).

Follow this road. It is long and gets progressively steeper, as you get progressively weaker.


I told you it was a long road. You are aiming for the top of that hill.


There is a small car park over on your right, and just before it, is this wooden signpost on the left.

You need to decide if you want to take this path here, or carry on to the next path further up the road? Decisions decisions.
This path (pictured) follows the drystone wall, curving right then left, and eventually joins the main pathway up to the beacon.

In case you want the other route, (continue along the road...) Take this path off to the left further up the road, which dives between two houses. (picture)

You then follow the main rock infested path uphill...all the way to the top, the trig point, and Beamsley Beacon.


You may want/need a rest at the top!

Retrace your way back down the path. Back on the road, turn right and wander down to the pathway on your right. It's marked with a stone on the ground "Ling Chapel Farm" which you passed on the way up.

Along this path and slightly left is this (pictured) gateway to Deerstones. Go through and enjoy the views as you steady yourself for the next hurdle.


Pass through a single wood gate. The path becomes stoney and you descend into the gorge, over a small footbridge, and back up the other side to Deerstones.

Do not turn left, at the top, but enter the lane which takes you out onto the main road. (A59) Cross this road (very carfully) and take this entrance footpath (pictured) signed to Storiths.


This is the only confusing point. (pictured)

Listen very carefully, I will type this only once...

There are two stone stepped stiles here at this wall. Take the right one in the middle of the wall... and not the one at the left corner.

Now just follow the footpath to here...(picture)
And here... (picture)
Go over this wood stepped stile.
Then follow the direction of the wood signpost towards the trees in the distance. (pictured)
Over this tall wood stepped stile...(pictured).

Just down from the wood stile, aim left, about ten o'clock, for these stone stepped stiles over on the left. (pictured)

Watch out as it may be boggy.

Keeping the drystone wall on your right, head for, and go over this (pictured) stone stile, topped with a swing wood gate.
Seek out this Gate, (normally left open) and go through it (pictured) turning immediately left.
Pass through the farmyard, and out at this gate, (pictured) then continue the path downhill.

Arriving here at this single wood swing gate, (picture) pass through this into a single file, walled lane.

Continue downhill...


...Until this point.(pictured)

Go through the gate, turn right, and follow the tarmac path that snakes downhill back to the river.

Cross the river, (Wood bridge, stepping stones, or swim!) and back to the steps and hole-in-the-wall, via this gate (pictured).

Toilets are situated near the Post Office, in the Village car park.






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