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Distance: 6.5 miles : (10 km)
Time: 4 to 5 hours. Depends on fitness.
Height: 1,300 ft : (400 m)
Difficulty: Hard start, very exerting uphills. Zimmer-free zone
Scenery: Grand, always something to look at.
Location: Drive to the church in Arncliffe and park near it, before the bridge. SD 933719
Maps: OS Explorer 2 and 30 or Yorkshire Dales TM 6
1. Walk along the road from St Oswald's Church towards the bridge. Just at the end of the bridge there's a stile on the right, (pictured) go through this onto some meadow land, and follow the river on your right passing the church. Climb the seven or eight steps up to the road. Cross the road, straight onto another wooden swinging gate, through a hole in the wall and follow the signpost to Kettlewell two and a quarter miles, uphill and to your right. Go over a three step stone stile, on the left of a sheep hole. 2. Continue the diagonal path upward, (turn around halfway up just to take in the quality of the view) and through a single wooden gate. Follow the path to the right. The path is rock and scree and easy to follow, but don't look up, it'll depress you. At a four stepped wooden ladder stile, (pictured) traverse this and follow the path to the right.
3. Now go over a ladder stile. Pass a wooden footpath sign on your left, through a hole in the wall, and head for a finger post in the distance. Pass the post and follow the green path. Next another wooden ladder stile on your right. But, when standing on the top of this laddered stile you'll see over on your left about 10 o'clock, another three stepped ladder stile, and to the left of it, is a two stepped stone stile. Head for, and go over this; then go to the right. Now go downhill on a green pathway with the wall at your back. Soon you will be able to see a village in front of you, follow the track down to it. 4. Cross over a rock track that leads through a metal gate at high wall and continue on the green path. About 500 or 600 yards down from that gate on the right by the wall is a three stepped wooden ladder stile. Go over the stile, taking a left down the path and heading towards the village of Kettlewell. At a yellow topped finger post for Arncliffe and Ketlewell, follow the downhill path for Kettlewell. Going through a tiny little gorge/canyon. Steer down to a two stepped stone stile with a broken wooden gate, beside a national trust sign saying Upper Wharfedale. Follow a finger post for Arncliffe, onto a stony lane, turn right on it, and through a six barred double gate. (picture) At the road turn right. (If at this point, you want refreshments etc, turn left and go into the village of Kettlewell itself.)
5. Otherwise... Turning right, walk until you reach this double gate. (picture) Go through the gate, uphill and remain on this pathway... 6. ... until you reach this single wooden gate. Go through this, and continue uphill.
7. Near the top, there's ruins, (picture) turn right just past these, and go through a space here. Then go left through a gap in the wall, follow the track upwards and on. Bypass a four bar wooden fence, and follow the path sharp right. At the top of this path, keep the stile at your back and head left and upwards for another laddered stile. Continue on this bearing, following a green lane. (You are now about halfway round.) 8. The pathway leads to a wooden laddered four step stile. Go over this. With the wall and stile at your back, carry on forward along the visible path downhill.You can see a cairn in front of you, and the river down below. Pass a sign asking you 'not to roll stones'. Turn right at the cairn and follow the path downhill.
9. At the junction of pathways, continue downhill, enjoying the tranquillity and the view of this beautiful green highway. (picture)
There's a dry stone wall, fenced on top, on your left hand side. Next, go through a double diamond wooden gate, or an accompanying pedestrian gate to the left of it.
10. Follow the path straight forward, veering neither left nor right, towards and over a large wooden five-bar gate with a single wooden stile to its left. (picture) Once on the village road turn left.
11. Head for, and cross the stone bridge, over the river. Follow this road round to the right. (Ignore the footpath on the left at the end of the bridge for Arncliffe.) The river is on your right hand side now, and further down the lane, just before a barn on the left, take the public footpath (picture) on your right. 12. Head towards this (pictured) single track bridge, but turn left before it.
13. Go over this four stepped ladder stile, (pictured) onto the signed footpath. You now have the river still over on your right. Go over a two stepped wooden stile, then a wooden spring gate through a hole in the wall. Next a planked stepped stile. Be carefull of the barbed wire topped fence with wooden posts to your right, following alongside the river. 14. Next is a four stepped wooden ladder stile, and now the pathway veers to the left, away from the river. Go through a six bar double wooden gate, and cross this field to the other side, making your way over a stepped wooden ladder stile. Then go over a small stream, by this bridge, (pictured) and then a couple of planks, and a stile.
15. Walk to the right of a farm out-building, (pictured) towards a gate. Follow the public footpath to the left, and then through an unusual double squeeze stone stile with wooden gates on top of each. 16. You reach a double wooden gate, and on the left is a two stepped stone stile with a double wooden swing fence, (pictured) nearby is a finger post pointing in the direction you need to go. Then another small two stone stepped stile with a wood gate.You are now on the very edge of the river, wandering through perfect meadow land. Follow the wooden finger post reading Public Footpath and at a wooden gate, go through this to follow yellow tipped posts to a kissing gate. Pass the private house on your left, coming to a pathway with the church on your right, and leading you to the road where you left your car.

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