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The Addingham to Ilkley Circular

  Distance: Just over 5 miles (tack it onto the Addingham walk from Skipton for an 18 mile trek?)


About 3 hours


Not a lot


Easy: Very gentle : No sweat involved.


Suspension bridge, country lanes, wood, river and posh people.


Start @ SE 08327 49897


Maps are useful. OS Explorer 297 Lower Wharfedale. Or send an email request for a Memory-map route to : begacartographer

Bus Service:

You can catch a bus from Skipton Bus Station to either Addingham or Ilkley (bus X84 on Mondays to Saturdays; bus 784/884 on Sundays) – see for details.

This is a walk through countryside which is more akin to Hertfordshire or Huntingdonshire than the Dales...lots of gentle slopes and plenty of trees. Part of it along the Dales Way, beside the River Wharfe. A day out to look at the posh folk.

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Start in Addingham, a small amount of parking alongside the river, beside the suspension bridge at :-
SE 08327 49897. North Street /Bark Lane.

Walk down to the bridge and walk over to the other side. Continue forward along the path away from the river.

There is pasture to your left, and a drainage gulley on your right.


Go through this gate (picture) and the next one, then turn left and head up this single track road towards the country road.

At the road junction turn right and carry on passing the Roman Fort (Huge mound) on the right.

Watch out for curlew and other birdlife.


After a while out of Nesfield village, you encounter this gap (see picture) on the left, which you take, noting the sign on it's left saying High Austby.


Further in take the middle way between two double, (see picture) over the wood stile.

Follow the marked way to the right. (Yellow arrow)


Eventually reaching this wall and fence, (unfortunately the author was unable to gain access at the time of writing so had to go uphill and not straight ahead, through the gate.) Therefore, turn left and head uphill with the wall on your right. As seen now in the picture. OR ...

NB if access available, go directly through this gate and head for the farm at instruction 7 ignoring instruction No 6.


Almost at the peak, on your right is this three stone stepped stile. Go over it and follow a dimly trod path forward.

Make your way down towards the lower of the two farms. On the map, marked as Low Austby.

There is a stile contraption mid-field.


Finally you will arrive at Low Austby Farm (see picture) where you gain access via this wood stile and then walk left of the buildings. Take the slightly higher ground, and go forward till you see a bridge near the trees.


There is only one path through these woods but it does tend to twist and turn and undulate. Continue along the route. There are various stiles, gates and a bridge along the way.

Keep an eye open for a variety of wildlife.



At the edge of the wood is this metal rod stile.

Step over this onto the road and turn right heading downhill.

Walk down to the bottom of the road.

Cross the road and take this path going left, here (see picture) passing the electricity switch station on your right.
Just follow this straightforward pathway down to the bridge at SE 0832 4989.

Cross the bridge and turn right onto the signposted Dales Way.

(Or stop off in Ilkley for a buttered scone, Earl Grey, and lavatory.)

Pass Ilkley Tennis Club over on your right...and the Croquette Lawn. Then look out for this signed pathway over on the left. (see picture) The post is pointing in the opposite direction to the way you are going. Now keep following the signs for the Dales Way.
The pathway goes through a series of kissing gates, wood bridges and minor obstacles, before leading you close to the river, where you follow it alongside the golf club grounds (over on the other bank).

You eventually arrive at a gate to the left of this large wood diamond gate. Go through it and turn right, walking along the path by the road.

At the very end of the road there is angling access to the river. Don't take it (but admire the river and the weir) Bear left then take the right turn into the pretty set of terraced houses and at it's end into this courtyard called Smithy Greaves.

Take the exit mid left in the picture, and follow the route with the river on your right.

Continue walking on the Dales Way, (see picture) and with the river on your right.

This is a hidden and very pretty part of Addingham.

Once you reach the main road, turn right and head back along this road to your car.

This walk can be tacked onto the Addingham Gutbuster walk, giving you a days hike of 15-18 miles.

There are toilets along this route as described. (In Cell 11)













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