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Nearby Villages

Here is a local guide to the prettiest nearby villages, along with a short history, photos, directions on how to get there, links to nearby walks, and all the essential information you need to plan the perfect day trip...

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Stepping Stones by the Suspension Bridge near Hebden



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4 miles drive from Grassington. Appletreewick is a pretty little village on the eastern side of Wharfedale, 2 miles south of Burnsall... More >>>



7 miles drive from Grassington. Arncliffe is splendidly situated on a gravel delta above the flood-plain of the River Skirfare....More >>>



20 miles drive from Grassington. Easy peasy to do. Spectacular photos, and no danger if you keep to the path! More >>>



3 miles walk from Grassington. Burnsall is a charming village. Typically it has a large public green, a pub, two churches, a couple of shops, and views to die for. ..More >>>


Castle Bolton

22 miles drive from Grassington. Tiny village, huge castle, quaint, idyllic and quiet....More >>>


A 21 mile drive from Grassington, it is a picturesque village, blessed with a beck flowing down the centre. Start the Ingleborough walk from here...More >>>


37 miles drive from Grassington, famous for getting lost trying to find it, and more gates to open than windows 95...More >>>


Over 8 miles drive from Grassington, Canal, River, shops and friendly locals all with free parking...More >>>



37 miles drive from Grassington, is worth the treck for the variety scenery, shops, waterfall, rope factory, pottery and cheese....More >>>



13 miles drive from Grassington. Home to the Brontes. A magnet for the intellectual and fell walker alike, this has both rugged heathland, and hunky Heathcliffe...More >>>

Horton In Ribblesdale

22 miles drive from Grassington. This tiny village has more visitors than befits it's size, due to the natural surrounding beauty, and excellent walks to all three peaks...More >>>


14 miles drive from Grassington, has a fascinating church, with a rare rood loft, and carvings (including mice) by Robert Thompson of Kilburn..More >>


25 miles drive from Grassington. If you come here to do anything, it has to be the Waterfalls walk...some parts are taxing, others very slippery and treacherous...but it is the thing to do here....More >>>



7 miles drive from Grassington. Although Kettlewell is tourist motivated, there is none of the exasperating and tacky commercialism. Always there is a sense of friendliness and charm, rare these days....More >>>


A miles walk from Grassington. Linton is on the River Wharfe, and is by any standards one of the most outstanding villages in the Yorkshire Dales....More >>


Small village with a massive cache of attractions to visit. Cove, Gordale Scar and Janet's Foss: 6 miles as the crow flies otherwise 12...More >>>

Pateley Bridge

10 miles drive from Grassington. This is a pilgrimage for the walker and potholer alike...More >>>


16 miles drive from Grassington. This is it ! More >>>


18 miles drive from Grassington. Nearby, a packhorse bridge, a waterfall, limestone kiln and interesting walks...More >>>

Additions to follow...

Here you will find information on Grassington accommodation, nearby attractions, shopping, what to see, where to eat, where to drink. Transport links...More >>>

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