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Love Thy Neighbour

Out of the blue, Grassington hit the arc lights and was in the limelight where it never ever wanted to be.

Suddenly, Grassington had the poison chalice thrust upon them, and with an iron fist they decided to grasp the nettle tightly with both hands. The producer Jamie Isaacs (that's the one with no hair on his head, shiny white McLean, clean teeth and a vast ego behind such tat as "World's Strictest Parents," and "Brat Camp" but let's not get personal) fed a line, bribed/coerced some locals and shot some heavily edited footage so as to push the envelope, squeeze all the boxes and, as it turned out, fired off a lot of blanks.

After several months, Grassington was finally chosen from a shortlist as the location for a new TV series. Grassington was selected, largely because of its strong sense of community. Filming started in September 2010 for a new 8 week series
('The Village)' now subsequently known as :" Love Thy Neighbour", broadcast initially on Chanel 4. Now deemed unfit for purpose and shovelled onto the More4 Friday night cart at 9pm.

The competition series, with a prize of a £300,000 furnished house in Grassington, involves 12 families who come into Grassington, two at a time for 5 days, in an attempt to endear themselves to the locals by staging various events and showing off their talents. The families are voted off by locals each week.

Villagers hope their involvement will increase tourism to the area but there were concerns it may portray the community in a negative light.

Love Thy Neighbour was relayed on Channel 4 from 3 March.

In each episode two families move to the village. They have only a week in which to throw themselves into the local community and convince locals to vote them into the semi-finals.

At the end of the series it will again be the turn of the residents of Grassington to decide which of the families they would like to move to the village permanently.

Villagers say the economic value of appearing on national television convinced them to participate in the programme hoping it would attract vital tourists to the area. Grassington's shops and businesses rely heavily on tourism

Mary Wilkinson, who has lived in Grassington since the 1970's and is president of the local WI, told BBC Radio York: "There were mixed feelings because we have so many deserving youngsters who desperately need a home of their own in the village. But once we realised the programme was going ahead many of us in the village thought the best thing to do was to get behind it. We are lucky we do have local shops and businesses but we need the tourists to support our local livelihoods. If the programme goes out in the way we hope it will, then people will want to come to visit and spend their money."

There have been concerns that the series could portray the villagers in a negative light, as they meet contestants from a wide range of diverse ethnic and socio-economic backgrounds. Mary Wilkinson admitted that not everyone got behind the programme, but said that for those who did it was a rewarding experience. She stated: "Would the whole of any area get behind one thing? The beauty of being behind the programme and working with it was to meet the people and the contestants, who were lovely people. Grassington used to be a conservative place in all senses of the word, but it isn't like that any more. We thrive on the diversity of the village and the people who live here."

Chris Berry, a rural journalist with the Yorkshire Post, said: "People who live in villages like Grassington are on the whole very warm and accepting, but you will always get one or two people in any community than can be a bit iffy with certain people."

The winning contestants will receive the £300,000 cottage in the village but will have to commit to living there for at least three years.

Most of the REAL village kept so well hidden and out of the way, out of shame, during shooting, that they virtually vanished. Whilst others, like THESE FOLK :>
just inadvertently set themselves up.

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LOSERS on 2nd Attempt




WINNERS - LOSERS on 2nd Attempt

"Villagers say the economic value of appearing on national television convinced them to participate in the programme hoping it would attract vital tourists to the area. Grassington's shops and businesses rely heavily on tourism"


WINNERS - LOSERS on 2nd Attempt



The Story so Far

  • Episode 1 : The White carpenter and his sour faced girlfriend vs The Black would-be Conservative with wife and three" little black people". Winners :- The Black guy.
  • Episode 2 : The woman who takes her clothes off for money vs The Lesbian Pair. Winners :- The Lesbian Pair.
  • Episode 3 : The Hippy folk-singing Viking Couple vs The Spiv and his wife and their childer. Winners :- Spiv
  • Episode 4 : I have tattoos and clean windows and the wife makes lemon drizzle cake no-one likes vs Asian astrophiz and clever attractive wife charity raisers.
    Winners were :- White Trash
  • Episode 5 A pair of Gays on the fiddle vs Family of Italians. Winners :- The Gay Boys
  • Episode 6 Tranny vs Single Mum. Winners :- Normality!
  • Episode 7 Pits four sets of winners against each other
  • Episode 8 Whittled down to the last two opponents :-
    The Winners are:- Paul and Andrea

Runners Up


















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