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  • OK Who watched the Love Thy Neighbours TV program last night? ...and what did you think about it?

    04/03/2011 01:52:19   

  • What a laugh! Who would live in Grassington with neighbours like that!?!
    04/03/2011 09:22:39   

  • I was squirming in my seat. It was awful but I found myself unable to switch off!
    04/03/2011 09:23:58   

  • I suppose someone has to say it - " Did the villagers finally vote for the Nigerian because he was black and they didnt want to appear racist?" Some of the comments were quite staggering!
    04/03/2011 09:26:25   

  • Must admit that I saw another side to the village. Ive been a regular at the Dickensian Fayre and I found some of the barely disguised bigotry a bit off putting. Dont think Ill come again.
    04/03/2011 10:55:35   

  • I hate to burst anyone’s misconceptions here but as a Grassington resident for the last 20 years I have to warn you that TV can be misleading. I know, you never thought it would be so. Grassington is mainly white and conservative. Middle Class? Maybe – a majority of locals are farmers/builders/small business owners. We also have one or two aristocrats, newlyweds, divorcees, hoime owners, council tenants, gay couples, interracial families and all the trimmings of a multicultural society. All are welcomed and fit in perfectly well. Do not confuse people staring at a camera crew walking past with people staring at a black family. They are two very different things!
    04/03/2011 13:14:30   

  • I gather that 80% of the population of Grassington didn't want the series in the first place!
    04/03/2011 13:52:41   

  • I am a resident of Grassington and one of the vast majority who did not want this cheap, grubby little show. Thank goodness they are all gone at last. The film makers even had to resort to free drinks as a bribe to get onlookers to go to the introductions of new contestants and money as a bribe in order to get any residents to vote. The “events” the contestants offered received virtually no support at all, probably because no one wanted either the events or the contestants. Many businesses were much slacker than usual during filming because residents were doing their shopping out of Grassington or shopping on the two days per week we were spared the cameras, which, incidentally were extremely intrusive. The crew were all too often rude and badly behaved. The "winners" do not even have to live in the house and can sell it after three years, thus rendering the whole intention behind the competition pointless.

    We are very fortunate to have very talented people in our midst who do a fantastic job of organising events to an international standard. Day to day living here is a delight with so much to do and such friendly people to do it with.

    06/03/2011 17:26:14   

  • I have just watched the programme Love Thy Neighbour and was very disappointed with the way in which your village welcomed people.This programme will make people want to avoid Grassington and not live there,you have some way to go to repair the damage done by the broadcast of this programme.The village certainly needs new outside influences to develop its narrow minded approach. Thank You
    10/03/2011 22:17:37   

  • Bit of an eye-opener watching Love Thy Neighbour! Some came across as respectful of the contestants, some clearly didnt. Sarahs treatment by the pub employees, was nothing short of disgraceful! I really think they were jealous of her. The blonde barmaid obviously didnt want another blonde rival on her territory - well be ashamed that you never gave Sarah & her kids chance, & no doubt you rounded up a few allies to gang up on Sarah. Taking down those party posters was pathetic- she was a life model for art, not a prostitute for goodness sake! It was ok for a gay couple to move in, & have IVF etc. - my point being you will accept a controversial gay couple, but instantly reject a woman trying to earn a living taking of her clothes tastefully for art- making out she was doing something seedy, which clearly she wasnt. My husband & I used to come walking to Grassington, but probably wont anymore- the programme just confirms what we already suspected - a portion of villagers think they are superior, think they can judge people, referring to townies like theres something wrong with townsfolk- well I live in Harrogate, & proud of it, wouldnt want to live in your clicky village ever.I would rather go to York, Wetherby, Pateley areas to visit or walk - no clicky folks there. Just what is it with some villages, that they look down their noses at outsiders like they own the place? Well let them get on with their insular little world, we townies have a life!
    11/03/2011 00:38:29   

  • I think Grassington may have made a BIG mistake appearing on this programme, the whole village of approximately 1000 people are being represented by about 20 who do not reflect majority viewpoints in Grassington. I doubt that appearing on the programme will increase tourism unless you are hoping for lots of Alf Garnets to turn up. It is interesting however that whilst berating the villagers as bigoted, back ward and small minded, people think it is ok to spout Yorkshire stereotypes and anti Yorkshire bigotry, classing ALL Yorkshire people as being the as the handful of villagers. I think the views of some of the people in the programme can be found anywhere and reflect that we have a long way to go to become a diverse and respecting society. Channel 4 do not help in this quest, portraying the village as it really is would not make good TV.
    11/03/2011 10:15:27   

  • Please don't judge everybody in Grassington by this TV program, we go a lot and we know really nice people who have shops in Grassington, we find they are very friendly and nothing like some of the people in the TV program.
    11/03/2011 10:58:01   

  • The people in your village should be ashamed of yourselfs , you judge black people , you judge single people , has an outsider looking in channel 4 have portrayed you all to be jealous bitches , small minded people who wont accept change, shame on you for your narrow minded attitude , i think the blond haired bar maid was actually jealous of the life model who appeared on the programe on the 10/3/2011 the knives were definately out for the poor woman .
    12/03/2011 15:35:24   

  • Grassington has a Web Forum? Cool!
    I am an Ex Pat Tyke (a term that didn’t excise when I lived in Yorkshire) living in Vancouver BC – possibly the world’s most multi-cultural city. I am more likely to have Dim Sum for Sunday lunch than Roast Beef, Yorkshire Pudd, & 2 Veg. My sister keeps me up to date on things Yorkshire, so I was aware of the filming in Grassington. My first reaction was that I hoped the good burgers knew what they were getting into. It’s TV after all! I knew it was going to be tightly edited, contrived, & manipulative. However, after much trolling on the internet (it’s the 21st century, why is it so difficult to watch TV from another country?) I was able to find Episode 1. After reading the comments on this and other websites I thought Grassington was going to be embarrassed. This was not the case. I thought you came out of it quite well. Sure, a few comments were taken out of context and the town frankly wasn’t shown in the best light, but hey; it’s TV. On the other hand, I think it will achieve the objective of putting Grassington to top-of-mind in more people. Good luck Grassington, just don’t ask me to watch another episode of this boring program.
    14/03/2011 23:55:20   

  • In every society there are some bigots and racists I have been shocked by some peoples attitudes and agree the way a minority of people treated some contestants was disgusting but I have lived in and around Grassington all my life and there are also some of the nicest most supportive people you could wish to know Many of us didn't want to be filmed but there was a camera in your face at every turn so if we appeared unwelcoming it was the camera which was unwelcome not the contestants. It was filmed and edited in such a way as to make what is now called good TV and having watched the Nottinghill debacle made by the same TV company it was clear to me the results were going to do no-one any favours Finally to clarify The comment about living next door to a child murderer or whatever it was was made by someone I know isn't a racist he was referring too the man's politics not his colour.
    15/03/2011 20:11:16   

  • He said, "He wont be getting my little kiss. No, Ill be voting for the other ones, even if he's a child murderer."

    15/03/2011 22:37:19   

  • I am a white female, and thought the treatment of the coloured family was awful, until they found out he was on a fast track Tory scheme. Good luck to who ever wins the cottage, its good to know they can sell it and move to somewhere more uplifting and decent.

    15/03/2011 23:05:46   

  • What a beautiful placed sadly filled on the whole by small minded racist people, yes its their village but what right does it give them to judge people in the manor they do?. In tonights episode what did the Bedfordshire couple offer to the village except for their young family?. The traveller couple appeared to be lovely people and really offered something to the community which was recognised by some of the toughest to convince residents but in the end the small minded slight majority won through, the blonde barmaid should be ashamed of some of her views, good job she isnt looking to win the house if barmaids are going to be stereotyped.
    17/03/2011 22:14:02   

  • Who the hell would want to live in the same village as all those judgemental bigots? That barmaid ought to be ashamed of herself, what a vile woman.
    17/03/2011 22:27:33   

  • I left Yorkshire in the 60s but return regularly and now have a base in West Yorkshire. I have long harboured a fantasy of living in a Dales village but, after seeing two episodes of Love Thy Neighbour, have confirmed to myself that life in a small Hertfordshire village is infinitely less narrow, infinitely less parochial, infinitely more alive, more open and welcoming. Why we Yorkshire folk continue to convince ourselves that Gods own county inhabitants epitomise friendliness and wecome, I have no idea.
    17/03/2011 22:34:05   

  • Such a shame so many of the villagers come across as judgemental and unwelcoming! Feel sorry for the contestants.
    17/03/2011 22:56:10   

  • Shame on you Grassington for not voting for the lovely travelling couple. They came across as genuine, kind and inspirational. In my opinion, the residents of Grassington came across as narrow-minded, prejudiced, jealous and cruel. In a way, Im glad the travelling couple didnt win because theyre far too nice for the folk of Grassington!
    18/03/2011 15:11:58   

  • I think the programme shows clearly that there was NO support for it. You can see there are hardly any voting papers. You can see see no one supports the events. What you dont see is that the lack of support was consistently upheld, despite there being a bribe of free drinks to try to get enough spectators to come to the introductions to be worth filming, and the bribe of £250 just for turning up to vote. Anyone with any sense, i.e. about 1,280, stayed well clear and had to watch the 20 supporters jump as their strings were pulled.
    20/03/2011 09:26:20   

  • To all those who judge the people of Grassington as racists, bigots, etc., put yourself in their situation. Channel 4 were out to make a programme which would be watched - not ignored. Consequently, they had to come up with as much sensational material as they could. What you see on TV probably represents about one tenth of what was actually filmed and recorded. The run of the mill ordinary conversations are on the cutting room floor! Since when did everyday normal situations make good TV?
    21/03/2011 18:26:00   

  • Small town, small mind. They need to get out more.
    25/03/2011 00:21:50   

  • How would you know?? Have you ever been here?
    28/03/2011 17:47:03   

  • After this weeks episode it is being relegated to More 4 because nobody wants to watch it. Quite right, Grassington is strictly speaking a small town and not a village. We who live here do not, on the whole, have small minds and we get out plenty if we want, despite the fact there is so much to do here.
    30/03/2011 12:02:17   

  • After tomorrows episode it is being relegated to More 4 on Fridays because of low viewing figures.
    30/03/2011 19:04:38   

  • After tonight it gets relegated to More4 on Fridays.
    31/03/2011 09:10:47   

  • All so called "reality" TV shows are contrived as any thinking person will realise, the more controversial the better for the Producers
    31/03/2011 21:20:07   

  • I agree with several of the comments below, firstly this is probably not representing all of the residents but it has certainly damaged the image. As someone who goes on walking holidays at lot I would avoid a place with so much ignorance. if you are a resident I would suggest complaining to off com for the representation because it will no doubt affect tourism. I too live in a village, but in Kent; I cannot speak for everyone who lives here and we too are a majority white village but I dont think there would be such obvious bigots. we have families from many backgrounds living here and the idea of excluding someone because of their race, sexuality or even apparently being too clever is ridiculous.
    31/03/2011 22:19:51   

  • Just watched tonight's episode and truly was disgusted by the level of racism towards the Indian couple and the ignorance of the villagers shown on tonight's show. Anup and Sunny had infinitely more to offer and wanted to be a part of the village and tried to really show what they could offer whilst Andrew and Vicky were clearly opportunistic free-loaders who were more interested in what they could gain i.e. a free house; yet it seemed as though they got voted in just because they fit the mould better despite having nothing to offer makes me never want to visit the Yorkshire dales and Grassington in particular I love village life but I can truly say my beautiful village in Hertfordshire is all the more lovely because of its multicultural community
    31/03/2011 22:41:03   

  • Well tonights episode was most revealing about the true underlying attitudes of the village is. for once the participating residents were highly enthusiastic about the young proffessional Indian couple which showed by the straw pole. However the racist biggoted silent majority won through when it came to the vote.
    01/04/2011 00:23:45   

  • Says it all here: Read comment 387. It comes straight from the horses mouth and says it all.
    01/04/2011 09:52:44   

  • Well, if the residents chose to participate to increase tourism then what a shotgun to the foot that has been. Whilst editing may have played a part the results of last nights episode were shocking, talk about a face that fits. Pathetic narrow minded racists, not all of you, just the 71% that voted for the other couple. Hopefully you will see the error of your ways when the BNP hold their anual conference there, Im sure you will welcome them with open arms.
    01/04/2011 13:43:03   

  • Bunch of racist people.
    01/04/2011 19:24:20   

  • For the guy in the bar: Anoop is Indian, Nanouk is Inuit - dyou see the difference?, I can see where you may have become confused.

    Does anyone in Grassington know that Vicky is Guatemalan and that, given the darkness of her eyes, her babies may be olive skinned?

    Why anyone, white, black or purple wants to live in this Pythonesque backwater where people with brains are feared - "es one of them astrafizzists" or where people with a modicum of melanin in their skins are treated with derision and suspicion is utterly beyond me.
    02/04/2011 11:26:32   

  • C4 sales to date...
    3 Mar Love Thy Neighbour - 1.31m
    10 March Love Thy Neighbour - 1.13m
    17 March 2011 Love Thy Neighbour - 0.93 m
    24 March – pre-empted by Japan disaster documentary
    31 March 2011 | Channel 4 | 21:00 | 1.08 million viewers
    Now relegated to 10pm Friday nights on More4!!!
    02/04/2011 11:31:19   

  • Very few indeed of us chose to participate. Studio Lambert marched in here saying they were going to make this programme and that was it. There is nothing we could do to stop it and most of us coped during the very intrusive filming by staying well clear. They have now shown both the black woman and one of the gay men crying because people wouldnt speak to them. No one has anything against black people or gays - the ones who live here dont have any problem. The reality is no one wanted to speak to someone accompanied by at least one film crew person pushing a camera into their face and waving a fluffy grey duster near their mouth.....
    02/04/2011 13:51:17   

  • I've watched all the episodes so far and I think that the majority of the villagers come across as warm, funny individuals.

    Its funny that the show makes out that there may be conflict towards anyone who isnt white but a quick search on google shows that the village has its own Indian Restaurant.

    I think it unfair to call everyone in the village bigots where I don't feel that's the case.

    The only thing that has been shown on the program that shows the villagers in bad life is the business with the life model. I think she only had herself to blame, I don't think she thought through her plans and putting herself up for an auction and doing the life model course seemed to imply she had a very high opinion of herself.
    02/04/2011 20:26:46   

  • Ill never visit Yorkshire. Too many small-minded racists and bigots. I live in a small town in Somerset and people down here are much more friendly and welcoming.
    03/04/2011 23:27:20   

  • Well done C4 they really do their research well to cause controversy. Firstly people in Grassington are not 100% racists or for that matter all Tories. Most people in the village were dismayed at this contest and like most villages would like to see a house going to a young local couple. With regard to the very nice Indian couple people didnt vote against them because of their race but because they so obviously can afford to buy a place themselves, a point I made personally to them saying Please come back and buy a place and settle here, they obviously loved the place that much I dont think they are on any local estate agents mailing list. As for Tom (Grassingtons Biggest Gob****e) Cherry otherwise known as the Devs resident bar fly where he holds court with his other erstwhile mentally retarded ignoramuses are the only real nasty racists bigots in the village. Most of us didnt want anything to do with the show and refused to take part
    04/04/2011 16:18:58   

  • Good for you in your Somerset town, how can you judge Yorkshire if you havent been! For your information, it,s a huge, very unique and beautiful county, so dont tar everyone with the same brush! Well I have been to Somerset, & it could never match Yorkshire for beauty, nor could anywhere else for that matter.There are racists & bigots in all areas of the Uk, Somerset included Im sure! North is best,I wouldnt move south if you paid me! Yorkshire folk are very friendly, despite your ill-judged opinion. Anyway what would you know if youve never been............
    04/04/2011 20:15:06   

  • Hi guys, Sorry it took me a while to see this page! Also took me a while to read through it ;) There's a lot to say in response to various things, so let me just hit a few key points first: - we signed a contract saying that we weren't allowed to research the place we were going to (we weren't told where it was either). it was v strongly worded with legal language about not breaking the contract or getting financially penalised. as people who are fairly risk-averse, we decided not to risk getting sued by breaking the rules! - secondly, when we asked what to bring, what to pack etc, we were deliberately told that they couldn't tell us. so in the end Anoop and I packed 4 massive suitcases of things (as I'm a planner ;) Unfortunately then the production crew on arrival made us look dumb by interviewing us on camera for packing so much and 'trying too hard'. it seems there was just no way to win! - the hardest part of the whole experience was being trailed by the cameras 24/7. beforehand the brief we were given was that it would be v organic and natural (i.e. we could do what we wanted to win people over, and the cameras would just follow at a respectable distance). when we got there, it seemed this had changed completely. we were misinformed and set-up at every turn. when we wanted to do stuff, (even something simple like eat lunch at a cafe, or stay in during the voting process) we were told it didn't fit the tv show, and that we had to go back and bake a cake, or go to the voting hall to drum up extra votes, or meet with the knitting club, or give a speech in the town hall (even during our own party which we felt terrible about leaving - especially as we had so many guests turn up). nothing was as simple as it looked on telly unfortunately :( - lastly, we were kept away from all the notice-boards and the Hub, and any place where we might find out 'too much' - eg the raffle bribe to get people to vote. we wrote to Studio L afterwards expressing strongly how we felt that might have impacted the results of the show - especially as the lovely people we met, the straw poll, the camera crew (as well as *their* reactions to andy and vicky) all seemed to indicate that we had a lot of support. it's real shame that we lost as anoop and i genuinely felt warmly welcomed during the week. and we felt really proud to have raised nearly £300 for local charities... but as i've said before, perhaps we were naive to have taken Studio L's words at face value. i think they had their storyline set up, before we even arrived, and that was reflected with how we were told to introduce ourselves on the first day, and how we were always made to speak first at different events. ah well, c'est la vie. at least we know never ever to go near a TV show ever again! and maybe it's got people thinking about issues that are uncomfortable, which is sound. Love, Sunny and Anoop PS massive big-up thanks to Ali and his team at Rozi's who sponsored our fundraising event and provided food for free (even though they didn't want to be on camera. we shoulda taken on board your experiences - would have cushioned the blow a bit for us. our bad ;) Sunny (and Anoop) Karir
    05/04/2011 22:57:29   

  • I love this programme.. I would love to live in Grassington....All villages are the same.. a little bit of back biting and it
    06/04/2011 08:50:25   

  • What has happened to the other programmes in this series? They seem to have disappeared from our screens.
    10/04/2011 13:52:41   

  • Keep up - keep up!!!

    If you read all the comments on here you will see that the program was taken off the ITV 9pm slot on Thursday's and is now being shown on Friday's @ 9pm instead, on More4 channel.

    This is due to the fact that it has become so unpopular that only a few die-hards are watching it!

    Like you - and me :)

    However if you want to watch the ones you missed you can find them on 4OD (On Demand)
    10/04/2011 16:38:01   

  • Just seen one of the clips for tonight. No, nobody was standing around on street corners talking about it, and nobody was on the edge of their seats agonising whom to vote for - we all just ignored it, the same as we had done all along. That seemed to work. They couldnt do anything about it. I very much doubt there will be a series two. No village would be daft enough to let them in after our experience.
    15/04/2011 09:56:13   

  • I enjoyed the series. It is obvious that the TV company has tried to make Interesting Telly" by playing up the whole racist/Sexist etc thing up. In all after watching the whole series, I dont think the residents came out badly at all, I thought most were lovely, but there are odd bods in every village. I think it could bring a surge of visitors to Grassington, a plugs a plug, it reminded me to visit again.
    At the end of the day, if you film real people in real life your only going to disgruntle a whole bunch of people, because humans rarely agree!
    Good show!
    Mel, West Yorkshire
    15/04/2011 23:39:14   

  • You might have enjoyed it in a kind of voyeuristic way Mel, but you were not here when we had to endure 2 weeks of Studio Lambert in March last year trying to convince us, unsuccessfully, that they intended to make a "nice documentary" out of it, and for the eight weeks they were here in the autumn being nothing but a nuisance disrupting peoples comfort. It was very inconvenient having to peer round the corner when we wanted to do a bit of shopping and make a hasty detour when we spotted an army of camera operators. Anyone coming here hoping to see brigades of old ladies knitting will be sorely disappointed.
    16/04/2011 09:50:30   

  • who won the competition
    16/04/2011 16:26:55   

  • As a yorkshireman and a regular visitor to Grassington,all I can say is the series has done the village more harm than good.
    16/04/2011 18:18:28   

  • I have never been to Yorkshire and would do but would drive swiftly pass Grassington. The way the two ladies were grilled by the battle axe and her side kick over their IVF was horible. My husband put it so abtly last night - " I wouldnt want to live amongst people like that, what a bunch of snobs". I hope the village continues to thrive for may years to come with their white skinned, middle class values and one day wakes up to relaise that their are white middle class people like us who support ethnic, LGBT communities and accept people for what they are.
    16/04/2011 19:44:13   

  • I cant help but be disgusted that Craig and Dean were criticized for not having children, whilst Donna and Louise were criticized for TRYING to have children! Also, I am appalled that the two couples with the lowest votes were Craig and Dean, and Philip and Simone - these were the two families with the most to offer the village, and yet were turfed out, no due to their sexual orientation or race - theres no other explanation for it. I cant imagine why anyone would actually want to live somewhere like that - you cant claim that its just a minority who are bigots when in a large scale secret ballot, that is the result.
    16/04/2011 21:15:04   

  • Large scale secret ballot???????????? I understand the highest turnout was 73 - voters, not per cent - and the majority of them only voted in the hopes of winning the £250 bribe. The other 1,300 eligible ignored the voting, along with everything else because we all disapproved so strongly of the premise of the programme.
    17/04/2011 15:21:39   

  • To the poster at 03/04/2011 23:27:20 please tell me youre attempting to be ironic ?

    17/04/2011 19:45:36   

  • When I saw love thy neighbour I really wanted to vist Grassington with my mum and dad but when I saw some of the comment the villagers made about the people especially the black family it was shocking. I am a black 12 year old girl and when I saw everyone staring at the black people like that I was shocked and I have been to lake district, Berwick upon tweed etc. and I have never been stared at like how SOME people stared at the black family before. Anyway that lady who did the nude art thingy, wasnt a prostitute and I don't know why it was so bad to be a nude art person anyway. So I'm kinda worried when I visit Grassington with my family this week my mum says not all people there are like that. I know that for sure because I know the doctor wasn't and the knitters wasn't and others wasn't but I don't want everyone to stare at me and my younger brothers when we go.
    18/04/2011 17:19:45   

  • I think you will be fine.
    What you saw was not a true depiction of Grassington people. It was edited in a very unpleasant way with very controversial outsiders, so as to give the impression of a narrow minded and bigoted village. This was done to try and get the people with the cameras and their TV station lots of money. You could say that it is not a true representation of the people who live and work there.
    Come and enjoy the fresh air and the scenery and the friendly folk. Good Luck.

    18/04/2011 17:52:48   

  • To the poster at 03/04/2011 23:27:20 please tell me youre attempting to be ironic ?

    18/04/2011 18:46:44   

  • To the 12 year old black girl - No one was particularly bothered or offended about the art class, you know. A lot of people were bothered about that contestants intention of auctioning herself for a hot date though, especially in conjunction with the art class. She had also said a lot of inappropriate things and used a great deal of bad language. She was shown posing in her episode anyway. I am really sorry you got the impression people were staring at the black family. We get a lot of visitors here and during the period of filming they will not have understood that a TV programme was being made. Honestly, darling, no one was staring at the black people - just visitors looking at the cameras, wondering what was happening and not wanting to be filmed. One of the male contestants had the same problem - he thought people were staring at him because of who he is, but it was the same thing. There are no cameras here at all now. You come here with your Mum and Dad, sweetheart, and have a really nice time. I promise you will all be welcome.
    18/04/2011 19:45:27   

  • I went to Grassington last year when they were filming this series, I can only comment on my own expierences and for the weekend I was there I was welcomed into the village and had a wonderful time. If you have any doubts about visiting this part of Yorkshire, I wouldnt let this poor excuse of an entertainment programme change your mind.
    18/04/2011 21:17:13   

  • The film makers were parasites. They sold the idea to the village and made the programme in one guise then manipulated what they filmed (and changed the name of the programme)to present what they wanted to show. They are untrusted worthy and manipulative. Those of us who were bright enough recognised from the outset of their intentions and you wont see our faces on screen. Sadly those who seek attention or are a little slow on the up-take are the ones who "represent" the village
    19/04/2011 13:41:57   

  • I know what you mean, BUT they weren't all seeking attention and not many of them are slow on the uptake - they had the misfortune to trust the programme makers who insisted it was going to be an interesting documentary programme about our beautiful town and show why anybody would want to come and live here. They said no one would be made to look silly or anything bad - how they must all have had their fingers crossed behind their backs!!!!!
    19/04/2011 18:05:36   

  • I absolutely enjoyed this programme, working in psychiatry reality shows are like a magnet,yes there is always the possibility of media influence/representation in these programmes, look at big brother over the years however, it remains the viewers individual perception - and how they chose to perceive these villagers/families and so on. I love that the village wanted to keep their Grassington identity, the chosen few who were portrayed were probably no different to our own neighbours/colleagues etc. They displayed normal behaviour,normal emotions etc to what was possibly a very trying time - camera crew 24/7 etc. When faced with their imposing cameras/questions the villagers coped admirably and displayed honesty/integrity-would the viewers have them be false and just welcome all with open arms, as we all know that is not true society. I enjoyed all the various characters: you all deserved a medal having your quiet village tramped/intruded by all and sunder. The programme highlighted your lovely village as quaint, quirky and mildy unspoiled, these are a dying breed, I applaud your villagers for wanting to keep that hold and displaying as such. Trying to persuade the husband to take a trip to Grassington around your Dickens season, to experience your great sense of community-(and meet its stars ).I warmed to you all, well done and be proud of yourselves. Lulu
    22/04/2011 18:25:14   

  • Hi ,my partner and myself have just come back from a weekend in grassington,we only went because of seeing the tv prog on channel 4, so its not all bad we love watching reality tv, we live in a small seaside town where if your not married to yours brothers brothers cousin you dont belong and even though most people are from west yorkshire,they stil not born and bread, sometimes life only goes on with gossips everyone loves it. I thought grassington was loverly a good mix of young and old alike and whatever they say about channel 4 its brought alot of tourists to a lovely place,yes we loved watching all the residents and yes they all stand talking about everyone but thats life its fun to see,its given them something to do i would live there tom, everyone we met seemed nice and there are prob only a few days in darkest winter that no tourists go to visit so its not like a small village its a small town with lots of holiday cottages. 3 pubs,hotels,cafes,resturants.we stayed at the black horse newly renivated room was nice good views and breakfast was very good, a mix of localls in all the pubs we did see some of the people from the show which we enjoyed even the young couple who won the cottage think they had only just arrived not sure if they even live there full time which is a shame, and we didnt see MO ? or Laura so if anyone can say if there still there ?
    24/04/2011 17:37:51   

  • Weve just got back from a week in Wharfdale and spent a morning in Grassington. Apart from a few new shops it was exactly the same beautiful place Ive known for over 40 years. What a shame that the locals looked slightly wary; they must hate being on show as a result of a tacky tv show. As others have already said, the vast majority of locals voted with their feet and stayed out of the filming completely.
    I am a Yorkshire lass stuck in the south and would sell my soul to get back up the Dales where people are warm-hearted and welcoming.
    For those who dont believe it, you were being manipulated by those out to make money. Go and see for yourselves.
    25/04/2011 17:04:41   

  • Mo is a well loved local person (a waitress, not a bar maid) and she is perfectly entitled to go somewhere else for the weekend, which she did over Easter. She does not want tourists to stare at her. She has been much hurt by her portrayal on this awful game show. As for Laura, she has yet to prove herself and may well have kept out of the way to avoid being stared at by the Easter crowds.
    26/04/2011 10:11:25   

  • What do you mean Laura has yet to prove herself? If a person chooses to live somewhere, be it Grassington or wherever else, they do not have to seek approval of the natives you know! Laura isnt part of the programme anymore, shes a free agent, & if she chooses to move into the village its nobody elses business! The Love Thy Neighbour series has finished, you dont get to vet any new residents now!
    27/04/2011 21:00:35   

  • we seemed to have missed the two last programmes as they were not screened in Yorkshire. Can someone please tell me who won and why it was not shown!
    03/05/2011 17:05:30   

  • They were screened. But they were moved to Fridays on Channel More4, due to very poor ratings.

    See all the details on this page:-

    Or to see all the episodes again go here:-

    All the information you want is listed on the first link and is accessible from the Home page.

    03/05/2011 18:11:41   

  • I must say Laura was bang tidy
    04/05/2011 03:16:11   

  • At the end of the day Grassington did not come out of it very well. And if anyone who voted could have seen the final episode in advance, the winners would not have won....the bloke was so not bothered about being chosen. The young lass needs to ditch that lazy baldy !!!
    05/05/2011 22:40:13   

  • There are many that share those sentiments...but it's all over now!!! Thank goodness!
    05/05/2011 22:42:45   

  • Having visited Grassington every year for 20 years I was very surprised that a programme of this sort was welcomed Its a pretty little village with thousands of visitors for, I would say, 10 months of the year so why want tourism. I found the programme utterly cringeing to watch, totally staged and edited. The fact that a property is now probably sitting empty for 3 years is astounding.
    10/06/2011 13:31:47   

  • This dreadful programme was certainly not welcomed by the vast majority of us. We tried to stop is, but the programme makers said it was a done deal and we were unable to stop it. Fortunately most sensible people have been able to see what trash it is. I dont understand why Channel 4 are always wanting to come in with their big boots and trample anything good into the mud, and why some prurient folks want to watch it happening. As I said, Channel 4 were actually totally unable to do any trampling, as we all kept out of their way and refused to have anything to do with them. The thousands of visitors who come anyway have been able to see straight through it all. The jprogramme has succeeded neither in attracting visitors nor putting them off. Total waste of their money and our convenience.
    18/06/2011 12:02:54   

  • I lived in Yorkshire many years, my brother was at the
    Linton Camp.we used to go into Grassington and I now
    live in New Jersey.USA.and always visit Grassington,when I am back visiting UK. we were there during the competition. we were staying at a lovely B&B right next to the " Prize House"and met a very nice couple who were competing and talked to them, we knew nothing of the competition until then..
    but cant say we found anyone or situation offensive.
    Grassington is a lovely village, great eating places
    friendly people and feel it a shame if a few people who
    were turned off would influence other people and miss
    visiting this great village.

    23/09/2011 19:59:44   

  • i watched the series n loved it,shame it was taken off air ,think it was about to get even more interesting,thats why the plug was pulled.the comments of the lady barmaid where hillarious,she did not give a monkey what she said,must say tho was typical village click,they hated intruders n would not have done any favours for tourism at all.beautiful as it was.i live near heartbeat village,locals hate tourists but love the dosh they spend.
    29/11/2011 17:37:19   

  • Hello! An interesting site! I really like it! Very, very good!
    17/01/2012 15:43:18   

  • just came across this post...interesting..i doubt anyone will read it..but here goes
    One of the nicest, kindest individuals ive ever met in my life i met in elderly lady..randomly met her one day when catching the bus to skipton..salt of the earth..A true angel..anyhow

    I lived in Grassington for quite a few years. Now to be fair to the place their are some lovely people in that town..Grassington is beautiful and picturesque..the dales..stunning..a lovely place to visit..but...on the other hand i met some bigoted, back ward, judgmental, racist and small minded people..a portion of villagers do think they are superior, and think they can judge people..anyone who doesnt conform to their narrow minded small view of the world is treated with utter contempt...i sometimes would say to myself "so this is what it would be like, had the Germans won the war".

    With some luck..sooner rather than later...less and less will show this attitude...sometimes a good old slap in the face can jerk back into reality..lets you know exactly how the world views this small town..without the usual rose colored glasses..given time and luck i feel things will change for the better..more of the good will filter into the town..

    to anyone considering visiting..please is a stunningly beautiful place to see.
    Spend your money in the village.
    The more visitors of different nationalities the better..slowly things will change..i hope..for the better..
    11/04/2012 05:17:32   

  • this has shown the nation there really are pathetic middle class white ponses who probably don't have a degree between them who just consider themselves important are just disgusting repulsive narrow minded ignorant people and anyone who wanted to go on the programme to be judged were obviously on the same wave length as those who appeared on the show !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    14/05/2012 01:20:33   

  • Thank you for an excellent website.
    All the information is easily available and the photos are fantastic!
    12/06/2012 07:36:04   

  • I watched this program with my heart in my mouth...what a strange program...I was mesmerised|!
    12/06/2012 07:36:05   

  • Great post. I was checking this blog and I am impressed! Very helpful information particularly the last part. Thank you and best of luck.
    09/09/2012 04:46:54   

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